Chapter 23 Blow Him Out of the Water!
He was wondering who the amazing race car driver Rachel would bring was, but it was just another woman?
How boring…
Rachel snickered. Stupid b*stard! Does he really think that Elisa is just your everyday racer? Just you wait! Elisa will blow him out of the water!
“This is who I called to help me out! You better watch yourself!”
“Hey! I wasn’t born yesterday! Don’t be a sore loser, Rachel. I gave you a second chance and you spurn it by bringing another woman here!”
Elisa turned to look at the owner of the voice. It was a handsome looking man with a cigarette tucked into the corner of his mouth. She frowned.
Vincent Shane.
It was him.
He was one of Gareth’s close friends. An up and coming lawyer who some even called Iris 2.0.
However, today she had changed up how she dressed and did her makeup. Vincent thought there was something familiar about her but did not recognise her.

“What’s wrong with being a woman?! Can a woman not drive! Stop being such a sexist a**!” Rachel retorted.
“Fine. Hurry up then. I don’t have time to be standing around here all day.” Vincent snorted.
He snubbed out the cigarette and climbed into his car.
Rachel turned to Elisa and raised both hands in the air, cheering for her, “You go girl! I can’t wait for you to show them who’s boss!”
Elisa smirked and got into her car.
The starter had been waiting for them. He motioned for them to get in place once he saw they were both in their car.
Both cars shot forwards the moment he brought both arms down!
However, …
Vincent was not taking this seriously at all. Or rather, he was not taking Elisa seriously.
It may be a race, but this is going to be a breeze…
Elisa’s car took off like a shot!
With a blink of an eye, the car had disappeared!
“I knew I could count on you!” Rachel whooped.
The spectators were stunned. “Was that Mr. Shane?”
“No! It was that lady!”
“Oh my goodness! What speed! Only a professional race car driver could do that!!”
“Who was that woman? Do you know her?”
Vincent didn’t know who she was. The audience that had just been showering him with praises had turned their attention towards her!
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