Chapter 30 What Brings You Here at This Hour?!
“Alright then.”
Although Julia agreed on the surface, that was not her intention. Instead, she was even more determined to find a perfect man for Elisa, and that man shall be her grandson-in-law!
Two of them had some small talk for a while before hanging up.
Thereafter, Elisa clicked into Twitter effortlessly.
Being involved in a trending topic was nothing new to her. Although she wasn’t a celebrity, she was often involved in a trending topic with Gareth, as well as through her anonymous Twitter account.
For the sake of the company’s reputation, Gareth and Elisa had been behaving like a perfect couple in public. They often attended some events together to build an image of a loving couple.
In the past, Elisa was willing to cooperate with Gareth because she loved him. Besides, she actually looked forward to those events because she would only feel like she had married a good husband when they were in public.
But now…
Wickam Group might be affected now that the news of Will and her became a trending topic.

After all, it was a known fact that Gareth and Will were sworn enemies.
‘Oh my goodness! What breaking news is this! Why did Mrs. Wickam meet Will Darcey? Could it be that they’re having an illicit affair?’
‘No way! Aren’t Gareth Wickam and his wife a loving couple? They are always spotted together wherever they go, and Gareth Wickam is a gentleman! This must be Darcey’s trick to tackle Wickam. After all, they had been daggers drawn for a long time.’
Elisa arched her brows when she read the comments. She wouldn’t think a paparazzi would be able to capture such a clear picture and even have the nerve to post it on social media.
As such, Elisa reckoned Will must have purposely plotted this.
She didn’t care what his intention was, but the others might not be the same.
Two hours later, just as Elisa was going to fall asleep, her phone rang all of a sudden.
Frowning, she opened her eyes to see Gareth’s call ID. She naturally knew what the jerk was going to say, and she was not in the mood to listen to his scorn, so she hung up the call immediately.
Sitting in the car, Gareth wore an extremely gloomy expression.
He called Elisa again but the call was rejected.
Toward the end, Elisa even switched off her phone!
Gareth punched the steering wheel furiously. You’re something, Elisa Benett! I’ve just warned you today not to mess around with Carle, yet there’s actually something going on between you and Will?!
Without hesitating, Gareth got out of his car and strode toward the door.
Meanwhile, Elisa felt more peaceful after switching off her phone. She closed her eyes and was ready to have some sweet dreams.
In the past three years, Elisa had been living a difficult life as she waited for Gareth’s return daily. It was so depressing that she could have fallen sick.
Now, she had finally let go of everything and slept peacefully at night. She even felt more at ease physically.
Ding dong! Ding dong! Ding dong!

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