Chapter 898 What She Wanted
Vincent was dumbfounded.

Gareth’s dark face seemed to ease slightly at that moment.

He picked up his cutlery and continued eating silently.

When Nicole saw that he wasn’t saying anything, her heart had an indescribable feeling of scorn. It hadn’t been easy for her to eat with Gareth, but she never thought it would be because of Elisa.

But she had never been the type of woman with trivial thoughts. She had managed the company systematically for so many years. At the very least, she wouldn’t reveal anything at this time. She smiled lightly and said, “Mr. Wickam.”

Gareth’s gaze fell on her.

He didn’t say anything and was waiting for her to go on.

Nicole paused before she smiled and said, “You’ve been working with Ms. Benett recently, Mr. Wickam. Can you spare some time and come to Tabor Group for a partnership? Lately, there are two great projects that we need you to look over, Mr. Wickam.”

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was slightly surprised. She never thought Gareth would agree so quickly. It looked like Elisa

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if everyone knew she liked Gareth, she didn’t want to pressure him. Otherwise, Gareth would only choose to distance himself from

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meal, no one said anything.

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was hinted to by Gareth a few times not to.

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