Punished by his love

Punished by his love

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The nightmare that she had in Sebastian’s bedroom a few days ago came true, and a gang of vicious people kidnapped her.

The man that seemed like the head of the group was a dark and rough skinned man. He looked like those villains who burned, k****d, and robbed at first glance. The man reached out to snatch the bracelet off Sabrina’s wrist, then said to his men, “Don’t touch her!”

“Boss, she is going to be d**d anyway, why don’t you let us have some fun with her?’’ one of the men lewdly begged.

When she heard those words, Sabrina closed her eyes in despair, and two rows of tears slipped down her cheeks.

“I would definitely let you guys have a good time, but this woman is still our goods now. Let Miss Lynn come and see with her own eyes. Afterwards, you guys could dispose of it. Whoever dared to touch this thing, even a little, would be doomed!” Hayes ordered.

“Yes, Boss Hayes!” No one under his command dared to disobey Hayes.

After he gave his orders, Hayes took the bracelet out to inquire about the price. He then found out the bracelet was worth several millions after inquiring clearly.

The person at the jewelry store did not even ask where it came from, and wanted to acquired it in cash.

Hayes immediately sold the bracelet to avoid unnecessary troubles from the delays.

However, Hayes never would have expected that after he left, the store that acquired the bracelet immediately contacted Sebastian. “Master Sebastian, the bracelet has emerged, and we have placed a tracker on the person who sold it. We should be able to find Miss Scott if we follow him.”

“Keep an eye on him! I’ll be right there!” Sebastian ordered over the phone with an incomparably cold tone.

This time, he must have Sabrina dismembered into a million pieces!

After he hung up, Sebastian took his assistant along with some of his best men and followed Hayes to the abandoned warehouse. They had the warehouse surrounded from all corners, and then they entered stealthily.

At this time, Selene was angrily staring at the test result in her hands inside the warehouse. After she finished reading it, she viciously threw Sabrina a slap. “D*mn! You were actually pregnant! Sabrina, you should be d*mned!”

Selene retrieved this test result from Sabrina’s bag.

Sabrina was tied to a concrete pillar. Her tears of unparalleled despair flowed down her pale little face. “Thanks to the Lynn family, I am pregnant.”

Selene suddenly burst out a peal of gleeful and reckless laughter. “Sabrina, let me tell you whose child you are pregnant with, okay? Why don’t you have a guess first?”

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Punished by his love

Punished by his love

2126 Chapters

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