Chapter 291 Well Done

The mall was in chaos, and Linus felt like he was going crazy.

“Kate! Kate!”

Linus shouted hysterically, but someone pulled him back, and the surrounding darkness made it impossible to see where Kate was.

No matter how much he yelled, he got no response from Kate.

George’s face turned grim instantly.

He quickly stepped out of the elevator and barked, “Seal off the entire mall!”

Then he rushed forward with a group of people, his face full of urgency.

Kate had been taken right under their noses.

After quickly getting an understanding of the situation from Linus, George’s expression darkened even more. Linus wished he could slap himself hard.

How could he let someone kidnap his sister right in front of him? And now, they had no idea where his precious sister was.

drugged and stuffed into a cleaning cart. Two people dressed as janitors, wearing masks, quickly pushed the cart

all, this mall was owned by Lowe Group. If it got locked down, they


had prepared thoroughly, and this plan

dragged Kate out and handed

quickly disappeared

took less than

mall’s power was finally restored, and all exits were guarded, but

and combed through the footage but still couldn’t

of Kate.

mobilised people to search outside the mall. Sure


6:15 +

1 Coins=

1 Pearls

swiftly, mobilising all available personnel in

be allowed to come

transferred from the van to

driver’s seat glanced coldly at the unconscious Kate

his hands. Now, he

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