As the bones in her hands were crushed inch by inch, excruciating agony deluged Jessica Jackson. Her weak and delicate body was pinned to the ground by a burly man, and she couldn’t move at all. “Tsk-tsk. The woman who was once the top socialite in Horington is just a pitiful creature right now.” A cool voice rang out from above her head. Hearing that, Jessica lifted her head laboriously. Due to the agonizing pain, her beautiful face was as pale as a sheet, and sweat trickled down her brows to drip onto the dust on the ground. “Melissa, it wasn’t me who killed Sammie. I want to see Trevor.” Jessica’s nails dug into the ground hard even as she cried out in resentment, “I want to see him!” A slender and pointed heel stepped onto the back of her hand. Melissa Jackson looked down at the woman in a heap on the ground and grounded her leg brutally. “Don’t struggle anymore, Jess. It was Trevor who convicted you and put you in here, asking us to take ‘good care’ of you.” “No, I don’t believe you! Tell him that I’m innocent! I’m really innocent!” Disregarding the agony racking her, Jessica grabbed the hem of her sister’s pants and pleaded bitterly, trying her best to gain a chance to appeal. Melissa crouched and patted the cheek of the woman on the ground disdainfully. “You’re adorably naïve, my beloved sister. With Trevor’s capabilities, would he not be able to investigate the cause of death of his biological sister? He’s merely using this as an excuse to take his revenge against you for not knowing your place and climbing into his bed, then even getting pregnant with his children. You repulse him!” Her words reverberated in Jessica’s mind like a curse. It felt as though there was a gaping hole in her chest, and it hurt terribly. Inwardly, she scoffed, “That night, he embraced me ever so tenderly, promising that he loved me and would take responsibility for me. But he ended up turning his back on me!” Melissa observed Jessica’s expression with gratification. Her rosy lips continued parting and closing, every single word out of her mouth venomous as they drifted into the latter’s ears. “You know what, Jess? At that time, I told him that you gave birth to six children for him. But he was so sickened that he didn’t even bother to spare them a glance. Instead, he ordered someone to feed them to the dogs right away.” “Feed them to the dogs?!” Jessica echoed soundlessly. As though struck by a bolt of lightning, she stared at Melissa in disbelief. “What did you just say?” She struggled as though she had lost her mind, but still, she couldn’t break free from the restraint of the man behind her. “Tell me where my children are, Melissa! Say something, Melissa Jackson!” Melissa took a step back, but her gaze remained fixated on the pale woman whose eyes blazed scarlet. Despite her pathetic state, her stunning beauty still shone through. Envy surged within Melissa. “She seduced Trevor with this face of hers, yes? If it weren’t for her, it would’ve been me in bed with him that night! Now, I’m going to destroy her face! We shall see how else she’s going to seduce any man!” she snarled mentally. Taking out a dagger and raising it high, she slashed it across Jessica’s face without an ounce of hesitation. “Don’t worry, Jess. I’ll send you to hell to be reunited with those six bastards right this instant!” “No!” Jessica abruptly jolted out of bed, her back drenched in a cold sweat. “Mommy!” “What’s wrong, Mommy?” “Did you have a nightmare, Mommy?” In a flash, six little children gathered around the bed and gazed at Jessica in concern.

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