Chapter 890

Crystal woke up in a daze. Last night, she probably had a lot of absurd dreams. She didn't know whether it was because she was pregnant or because of her emotions, but she didn't sleep well at night and kept dreaming intermittently.

The sun was shining brightly outside the window. In late autumn, the sky was always particularly deep. Probably because of the haze today, it was covered with a light gray layer, which looked a little depressed.

Crystal got up and went to wash up. When she went downstairs, Maria had already prepared breakfast. She looked up at the clock hanging in the living room. It was half past eight in the morning.

It had been a week since she last saw Harold.

During this week, Crystal had been very obedient. She ate and slept regularly, but she was not in a good mood. Maria applied for the right to take Crystal to the garden outside. Yesterday, she told Crystal that she could take a walk outside today after breakfast.

Crystal feel the warmth of a home. However, after being locked up here for seven whole days without being allowed to go

her nutritious meal slowly. Maria did what she said. Half an hour later, she opened the door

at the door without looking sideways. Crystal took a pair of scissors and slowly trimmed the leaves of the

the past, when Dana was still around, Crystal would learn some gardening skills from her. But now in late autumn, the autumn flowers had already bloomed at the ridge. Crystal squatted in front of a large wall of flowers and looked at the delicate flowers fluttering in the wind in

"It's so strange."

the cold wind. Maybe the wind had scattered

courtyard wall. She slowly stood up, wrapped her snow-white coat tightly, and walked along the stone path to the

stood behind her and pushed her high into the air. It was as if she had grown wings in the wind and touched

blanket on Crystal's legs and said, "It's too windy. Don't catch a

the distant sky in a daze. Suddenly, the iron door creaked. She looked sideways

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