Chapter 661 Missing Serina

A strong sense of uneasiness continued to linger in Ainsley's heart. The scene in which Aaden led his men to beat Georgia was still before her. No matter what, she couldn't accept it calmly, not to mention that the woman was sent in by her to save herself.

’I want to save her, and I don't want to wait any longer," Ainsley said firmly.

Looking at Ainsley's expression, Manuel felt that she seemed to be different from usual. He tentatively said, "Aisy, don't be fooled. Are you affected?"

Ainsley was stunned. It was true that she had never done anything impulsively, but on this occasion she was indeed a little impetuous.

'So, you still haven't answered me. Why are you here? And you said you're my assistant?" Ainsley was puzzled.

While driving, Manuel thought for a long time before saying, "I'm worried. You haven't met a man like Daniel before, so of course you don't know how cruel he is."

"In fact, I know. When I was trapped there, he often told me about all kinds of torture, but I didn't care at all. Today, when I saw Georgia, she looked like she was on the verge of collapse. If it were only a beating, it could not break a person's will. Thus, I'm afraid that if we don't save her sooner, she might be..."

There was no need for her to make herself clear that Manuel understood what she meant. Even a bird trapped in a cage with broken wings would have the idea of going on a hunger strike, let alone a person.

' Aisy, I promised you earlier in the villa that I would try to save her. But not now. Daniel is crazy now. If we bring Georgia out at this juncture, I don't know how mad he will be."

Ainsley nodded. "Don't come with me next time."

’Why?" Disappointment flashed in Manuel's eyes. Did she hate him so much?

Ainsley didn't say anything else. She just didn't want to give Manuel another chance.

The car drove into the Easton's residence. Before Ainsley got out of the car, she suddenly thought of Serina. "Is Serina back?"

she mentioned Serina, Manuel was a little nervous. "She called last

that, she got

at her back

No answer, no answer...

called a few times at noon, but

for a while, he dialed Miles' number,

end of the phone seemed to


her back, she didn't let me go because she was afraid that you would be angry, but I was worried and followed her quietly. I saw the car she was in was driving towards home."

a little worried. "She didn't answer my phone at noon, and

hung up the phone and

cleaning. As

Gage, Ms. Gage hasn't

at the housekeeper, his face


stood up and

description, he followed the car that Serina was in until he saw it enter the Gage's house." However, he checked the surveillance camera at the entrance of the Gage's house and

Miles watch Serina get into that car with

hour later, Miles appeared in front

to buy some. I just walked away and found that the taxi

where the Gage family lived was strictly controlled. If it wasn’t for

residential area with your own eyes. Maybe it was because Serina was in the car, so

deep voice.

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