Chapter 7071
Yianni, Lesia, Morgott, and Hankin exchanged glances, seemingly having something to say. However, they held their tongues.
James asked suspiciously. "What's wrong? Don't you know where she is?"
Yianni finally broke the silence and answered, "The Gate of Mystery is the source of the world, divided into the Tohmuna and Delmuna. I was imprisoned in the Tohmuna. I attacked the Gate of Tohmuna with my powers for eons. I only managed to escape after achieving the unity of Primordial Spirits.
"Harper is a woman who practices Historial Power, which uses energy as its foundation. Although she is stronger than me, she can’t break through the Gate of Delmuna alone.”
"Tohmuna, Delmuna," James murmured, narrowing his eyes. After a while, he asked, "Is it located within this space?"
Yianni nodded and replied, "Yeah. But I don't know the exact location. Both of them only have one entry point. With how vast the Gate of Mystery is...”
Before he could finish, James suddenly spread his hands, and countless dazzling Sword Lights permeated the area.

With a whooshing sound, the Sword Lights tore through the Gate of Mystery space. The ground shook, and the wind howled.
Even the Historial Helmnor Formation's space was not spared. The Sword Lights struck the Twelve God-Kings, Eighteen Emperors, and Dorvus. After their golden bodies were pierced, they spat out blood.
Lesia, Yianni, and Morgott were startled by the display. On the other hand, Hankin lightly twisted his beard, smiled, and nodded approvingly.
At that moment, in the Forty-Nine Heavens Punishment Hall, Youcef, battered and bruised from being whipped, sat cross-legged on a futon, tending to his injuries.
Suddenly, a flash of black light flickered, and Xanthakos appeared before him.
Xanthakos glared at Youcef furiously and growled, "You rebellious son! You conspired with outsiders against me. Are you still my son? Do you even consider me your father?"
Youcef’s eyes remained shut, not responding to his outburst.
Xanthakos questioned, "Tell me! Where are Hankin, Dorvus, the Twelve Heavenly Kings, the Eighteen Emperors, and the Marauder Army? Did James already kill them?"
Hankin remained silent, unwilling to answer.
Xanthakos clenched his fists and said, "Very well. Since James wants me to listen to your conditions before he leaves the Gate of Mystery, I’ll do as you wish."
Suddenly, Xanthakos waved his hand, and a Soul Energy Ball glowing with gilded light floated into the void.
Hankin immediately opened his eyes and looked at the floating Soul Energy Ball. "Mother..."
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