“But if you intend to use the soul contract signed with James to drive him into a state of madness, making him unable to participate in your great battle, thereby suffering the backlash of the soul contract and ultimately eliminating him, then even if you regain your position on the Supreme Path, you would still be a despicable and shameless being.”
As soon as these words were spoken, Wuia suddenly threw his head back and laughed heartily. His laughter was filled with disdain and arrogance, as if everything Taiyi had said was too naive.
Seeing Wuia’s reaction, Taiyi slowly closed her beautiful eyes, seeming to make a certain decision, and sighed helplessly.
After a while, Wuia said in a deep voice, “Taiyi, you may ignore my Daoism and let the Soremsia of Frona return to the Nothingness, but I want this woman now.”
He pointed to Thea, who was wrapped in the Innate Energy in the void.
“This is a mere trifling matter for you. Surely you won’t refuse even this?”

Taiyi did not open her eyes. Instead, she waved her hand, and Thea, who was lying horizontally in the void, was immediately retrieved into her space.
Seeing Taiyi’s action, Wuia finally became angry. He raised his hand, and a surge of Waltraud Power shot out wildly.
With a thunderous roar, the surge of power Wuia released was instantly shattered by the Energy Wall dispersed by Taiyi. The aftershock forced Wuia to retreat several steps. He clutched his chest and spat out a mouthful of blood.
“Y-You really dare to go against me?” Wuia raised his head and snarled fiercely, “Taiyi, you have forgotten your origins.”
Slowly opening her eyes, Taiyi calmly said, “If I hadn’t decided how to act before you appeared, our argument has now given me the clarity and resolve I needed.”
"Fine," Wuia said with a furious laugh. "You pay for your decision you think you're so nobler I'll have you married off to the most wretched living being in Haleth Realm, so you'll endure endless humiliation and pain. I wish you were dead."
As soon as he finished speaking, Taiyi waved a hand, and a vast black-and-white gas shot out, blasting Wuia away once more with a thunderous noise.
With a dull thud, Wuia slammed into the formation wall, covered in dense cracks, and fell heavily to the ground. He spat out another mouthful of blood and glared at Taiyi with anger.
"Wuia, you seem to forget that you are now just a Some Primordial Spirit," Taiyi said coldly. "Your soul spirit cannot escape James' Gatts of Anonymous, let alone your mere Primordial Spirit. Do you dare to threaten me?"
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