Chapter 162

“It’s him,” Daisy felt her stomach suddenly heat up and Neil was intrigued by what was happening. Daisy had been confined within the pack’s walls but seemed to know an Alpha outside of it.

“How do you know him?” He asked curiously, but Daisy couldn’t tear her eyes away from the passport–sized picture. The crescent pendant was around his neck, though he looked slightly more mature than before.

It had been ten years, so he would have changed. When Daisy saw the next file, she instantly pushed it aside.

The person she was looking for was Alpha Calhoun Davis. “Can you gather information about him? There isn’t much here except that he is the Alpha of the Crescent Pack.”

Somehow, Daisy didn’t want to leave her pack because of the responsibilities on her shoulders, but the desire to find her mate also weighed heavily on her.

She wished he wasn’t an Alpha. Then again, there was no Luna information with his, meaning he was unmated. The Crescent Pack was an eight- hour journey from the Dark Moon pack, and Daisy knew it would be impossible to merge both packs.

However, it was just an hour’s drive from the Riverbed Pack, making Daisy understand how Calhoun ended up saving her. He was just at the right place at the right time.

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Torn between pursuing her interest, finding a random guy, or giving up on her search for a mate and ruling as her pack’s Alpha, Neil’s voice tore through her mind once again.

“Daisy, their Alpha died, and Alpha Calhoun took over from his father, who had taken over from the original Alpha. They were not in the line of Alphas but have proven to be very strong and extremely wealthy. I believe that was how his father took over the Crescent Pack.”

It seemed to Daisy that the Davis‘ used their wealth and power to take over the Alpha position, but where have they been all these years? And how did they make their money?

“Is his father still alive?” Daisy wanted to know all that. She had never been interested in the personal life of any Alpha, but it was necessary for her to do so at this moment in time.

“I heard so, but he doesn’t reside in the pack. We are even business allies,” Neil reported. He had the pack matters on his fingertips, just like Daisy, as


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