The Barrister's Love in Town

The Barrister's Love in Town

Authors:Lillian Kimmons
Num Chapters:580
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The Barrister's Love in Town by Lillian Kimmons novel full chapter at Artist: Elias Winters and Amanda Bailey... Genre: Romance

Amanda Bailey, excited about her pregnancy, rushes to tell her husband, Elias Winters, the good news. However, when she goes downstairs, she discovers Elias with another woman, behaving intimately. Elias immediately suggests divorce upon hearing about her pregnancy, claiming they never slept together. The woman taunts Amanda and insists on marrying Elias. Brokenhearted, Amanda agrees to the divorce and leaves. Elias rejects the other woman, who claims to be pregnant with his child. Amanda goes to the hospital to schedule an abortion.

Later, Amanda receives a call from Howard, her husband's grandfather, who invites her and Elias to dinner. Despite their distant relationship, Howard insists they attend. When Amanda arrives at the Winters Manor, she's greeted by the butler, Rylan Keen, and takes a seat next to Elias, with Howard's encouragement.

The tension between Amanda and Elias remains palpable throughout the dinner, as Elias refuses to acknowledge her presence....

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The Barrister's Love in Town

The Barrister's Love in Town

580 Chapters

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