Chapter 14

She felt like she was straight-up being embarrassed.

Mandy turned around in anger and hurriedly left the place that embarrassed her, while Jennie hurriedly followed.

Rosalie just felt as if she had watched a drama. She saw someone smashing the car as soon as she got out of the mall, and that car seemed to belong to Mandy.

“What happened? Did she offend someone and get retaliated on?” Rosalie asked.

“Who knows?” Jonathan’s eyes flashed slightly as his thin lips parted.

“It’s none of our business anyway” Rosalie took Jonathan to the bus stop.

Jonathan’s footsteps suddenly stopped. Rosalie turned around to see his pale face with a shocked expression, looking straight at the bus stop.

“What’s wrong?” she asked worriedly.

“N-nothing,” he said. His expression had returned to normal. Just now… It was he who mistook a woman on the bus as that


That woman who had abandoned her husband and son. She was unlikely to be here at all.

“Don’t be like me, Jon. Don’t love someone too much, even if you want to.”

He continued, “Love is nothing but the cheapest thing in this world. When she disdains you, it’s useless, even if you kneel before her

He added. “Maybe one day, when you really love someone, you’ll realize that there is a person in this world who can control all your emotions, your joy, and sorrows. She can make you feel as though you’re in heaven, yet she could break you as well. But if possible, I hope you’d never have to go through that feeling. Jon.”

“Who is that? Who is saying that? Jon thought.

don’t stay here anymore! It’s so cold… It’s so cold… I don’t want to stay here anymore… I’d freeze to

loves me but can’t give me the life I want! I’ve done my for him and I can’t

and who


he thought. It was he himself talking. He was begging that woman. If

to catch her, but he could not, no matter how hard he tried. It seemed that the surroundings

something, even if it was just

and a gentle voice sounded in his car from a distance. “Jon,

It’s Rosie,” he thought. It was Rosalie, who he

eyes and a beautiful face came into his sight. Those dark eyes were full of worry, and those pink lips were parting and closing, as though saying something


Chapter 14

was asking him to not

of relief when she saw him awaken. “What’s wrong, Jon? Did you have a nightmare?”

dreamt that the woman left him and his father mercilessly. He dreamt that his father knew about her leaving, but did

voice. It was only then he found that he had been holding

in his dream, the warmth made him feel as

others as his

hand disappeared. Suddenly, he frowned, and his face turned pale.

immediately worried again. “Are you

a low voice that sounded suffocating. “It’s just… A little gastric spasm. I’ll be fine later.”

due to mental stress

face and pushed away the bangs in front of his forehead, only to see a thin layer of sweat. His hair was wet because of that.

warm water and helped Jonathan sit up.

His teeth clacked occasionally as if he was fighting the

for me!” Before going out, she wrapped him up with a quilt for fear that he would get cold and worsen his stomach pain.

closing door, the

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