Chapter 17

Rosalie felt her fingertips were hot as if they were burning, and her heart was beating rapidly.

She mused, “Oh, my gosh. What’s wrong with me?” Then, she immediately withdrew her hand and blushed. “O-Okay, let’s have the meal. It’ll be cold if we leave it.” After saying that, Rosalie lowered her head and hurriedly had the food.

Jonathan smiled and looked at her face, which was almost inside the bowl. The smile in his eyes seemed to be more intense.

“Do you like me?”

“I like you,” replied Rosalie with almost no hesitation.

“I like

you too,” said Jonathan as he curled his lips. It seemed like it had been a long time since he was interested in someone.

After the inspection of the Municipal Management Bureau ended, Jennie said, “Rosalie, our classmates from high school are going to have a class reunion this weekend. Come and join us.”

Rosalie chuckled. In her current situation, she would only be sneered at if she attended the class reunion. “No, I have something to do, so I won’t go

“Hey, it’s been a long time since our friends from high school got together. What are you busy with? Let’s go,” urged Jennie. It was evident that she wanted Rosalie to attend the class reunion.

Back then, Rosalie was the top student and class belle. If Rosalie participated in the class reunion in that state, it would shock everyone. Jennie could not wait to let all her classmates from high school see Rosalie like that.

Rosalie responded. “I have to work on weekends. Do you think I can rest on weekends like normal people with the job I have


Jennie was speechless for a moment because she really forgot.


Tm going to clean up the garbage. We can talk about it next time” Before Jennie could finish her words, Rosalie turned around and left.

She was not an idiot and could naturally notice Jennie’s intention.

However, Rosalie did not expect that even if she deliberately wanted to avoid it, the deputy officer appointed her to deliver a document to someone from the Municipal Management Bureau at ixurious club in Strico on Sunday.

An ordinary sanitary worker could not enter a club like that at all. When Rosalie arrived at the club’s entrance, a special staff was waiting for her as if they had already known about Rosalie’s arrival. Then, the staff led Rosalie into the club through the side door.

The staff pushed open the door of one of the private rooms. There were many people in the huge private room.

As soon as Rosalie entered, she heard a familiar voice saying. “Look who’s here!”

Rosalie saw Jennie. Mandy, and a group of her high school classmates. It was Jennie who spoke earlier.

Suddenly, Rosalie understood it was planned by Jennie. Jennie worked at the Municipal Management Bureau, and the leader of the Environment and Sanitation Administration wanted to get along with her. When Jennie wanted to read an insignificant document and appointed someone to deliver it, the deputy officer would surely agree.

“Look, I’m not wrong by saying that. The class belle is now a sanitary worker!” Mandy grinned as she spoke, looking smug

moment, the uniform of a sanitary worker on Rosalie

recognize you Didn’t Zachary used to care about you very much? Why did he let you be a sanitary worker and

Chapter 17

Every time she heard Zachary’s name, it was a painful experience

Rosalie. She recognized it was William Straus. His family was also famous in Strico. William had pursued her before.

she was dating Zachary, William wanted to harass her sexually. After being taught a lesson by Zachary, William restrained

and handed the document to her. “This should be the document you wanted.”

smiled hypocritically and took the document. “Rosalie, I’m sorry to

private room. William suddenly grabbed her arm from behind. “Why are you in a hurry to leave? It’s a class reunion after all. Let’s catch up.”

a glass of wine and placed it near Rosalie’s lips. “Come on, finish this glass of wine. You were in jail because of drunk driving. Don’t tell me you don’t know how

her lips, Rosalie turned away and firmly pushed William away with

Instantly, he was infuriated and slapped Rosalie in the face. “Fuck! Do you think you are still Zachary’s girlfriend? You’re

a bottle of wine beside him and poured it on Rosalie’s head.

drenched her,

smile. “Rosalie, apologize to William

was ridiculous. She was insulted, but Jennie wanted

It appeared that she could not be defeated, no matter how

giving you a chance to apologize Even if I assaulted you right now, no one would dare to

ripping sound, the clothes

“No!” yelled Rosalie.

say something for

which made her skin fairer than ordinary people’s. Despite that, she was covered with many

not faded away, which looked ferocious

left behind when

body and wanted to get up. Suddenly, a sharp pain came from one of her hands. Stunned, Rosalie turned to see Mandy stepping on the back of her right hand

Rosalie. Why are you in such a hurry? You haven’t even apologized to Mr. Straus yet,” said Mandy viciously. She

of Rosalie’s hand seemed to bring her back to her time in jail when the

Rosalie could not even

Chapter 17

almost used all her strength to withdraw her left hand from William’s control. Then, she pushed Mandy away vigorously

herself to run away from that

ran desperately. Suddenly, a huge force behind her made her fall to the

It really hurt.

back was painful as if

escape from here? Don’t you know I’m also one of the shareholders of

as he

voice. William,

It was Zachary’s

her from everything. In the end. Zachary was simply someone who

not help trembling. She never thought she would be in a messy situation when she met Zachary again after being

What a coincidence. Your ex-girlfriend is also having dinner

hair and forced her to raise

Rosalie saw

of her getting slightly hurt was merely frowning in surprise, and his gaze was full of indifference.

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