Chapter 35

“Rosie, have you fallen in love with that man because of what he said?” Jonathan asked in a low voice. There was a touch of jealousy in his eyes that he did not notice.

The tip of Rosalie’s nose was full of Jonathan’s breath. She felt a little overwhelmed when he approached her like this. An intuitive sense of crisis appeared in her body. It was like if she did not answer him very well, a beast would severely pounce on her, and her neck would get bitten the next moment.

Rosalie thought, “Goodness gracious. What am I thinking?”

Rosalie was ridiculing her thought. The person in front of her now was Jon, not a dangerous man.

“I don’t like Lucas.” Rosalie was sorry for Lucas‘ feelings toward her. Her words made Jonathan suddenly feel better. He stared at her and asked, “Rosie, did you really fall in love with that person?”

“Why should I lie to you?” Rosalie said. She had never thought about falling in love with someone since she was released from prison. Love was too heavy. She tied all her feelings to another person. Rosalie did not want to bear the devastating blow when she was abandoned again.

There was a smile in Jonathan’s eyes. “Remember to refuse him. Otherwise, a man like him may always be waiting for you, Rosie.”

“I’ll refuse him,” said Rosalie. Since she did not intend to fall in love with Lucas, she should not drag him.

Furthermore, Lucas was a good person. He should have a relationship that really belonged to him rather than waste his time on her.

“By the way, how could he know that you were in prison?” Jonathan asked abruptly.

Rosalie’s face darkened. “A colleague found out the news of my car

accident, so now the whole Environment and Sanitation Administration knows that I was in prison before. Okay, let go of me. I have to clean up the room.”

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