The Charming Ex-Wife

Chapter 341 A Chance Encounter

Adrian stood his ground for a moment, but in the end, Lysander coax him to move. She guided him to the couch, gently pressing him down by the shoulders until he was s ated comfortably.

Lysander: Do you have a first aid kit at home?

Adrian gave a slight nod, then shook his head. “I used to have one, but the medications are probably all expired by now. When I lived here before, I did prepare a first-aid kit. But I was young and hadn’t sustained any injuries. Even minor bumps and scrapes were easily taken care of with a quick visit to the nurse’s station at work, so I never really used the one at home.”

Lysander nodded. Lysander: I’ll go out and get some medicine. Just wait here for a little while.

Adrian grabbed her wrist. “It’s too late for you to go out alone. It’s not safe for a girl. It’s just a minor injury; it will scab over soon.”

Lysander: The picture frame is rusty.

At this point, Adrian remained silent.

They were both doctors, and they knew exactly what it meant when they got scratched by a sharp and rusty instrument.

Tetanus was not a joke.

Moreover, the wound on his arm was still bleeding. Although it wasn’t too deep, it had already stained at good portion of his shirt red.

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Lysander: The pharmacy is just around the corner. It’s very close. Your wound will get wet

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