Chapter 135 Alice couldn‘t believe her eyes at the sight before her. The terror and fear she felt earlier increased tenfold in front of the owner of the voice. This was because the owner of the voice was none other than her high school ex boyfriend and heir to the Finn Conglomerate; Michael Finn! 

Michael Finn sat on a very luxurious white sofa as his grey eyes stared at Alice. He wore an impeccable white suit, with his hair jelled back and packed into a ponytail. His beard was clean shaven. He reeked of masculinity as he sat on the sofa, and he looked incredibly handsome. 

There was a table in front of him, and on the table was a half empty bottle of red wine, a rare brand that cost over six figures. 

His temperament was way mature and solid than it was three years ago. It was no wonder that so many of her high school friends wanted to date him, and were incredibly jealous when Alice was the one he chose. 

However, Alice knew that beneath those sparkling grey eyes was a scheming and brutal personality. If she had the power, she wouldn‘t want anything to do with him at all. 

Michael Finn had a proud smirk on his face as he looked at Alice. He had waited so long for this day, the she would be finally brought to him, and it had finally happened. He was finally reconciled with his woman after more than three years. He stood up and walked towards Alice who had fallen to her knees from both fright and fatigue. Alice had walked hurriedly through the forest route, so her clothes were torn and dirty, and her hair was covered with leaves from the trees in the forest. 

Michael stretched his hands to caress her face, but Alice flinched and inched away from him. An imperceptible frown appeared on his face at Alice‘s actions, but it barely lasted a few moments before it disappeared. 

He was about to turn away from Alice when his eyes caught sight of a very visible palm print on her cheeks. He narrowed his eyes at the palm print on her cheeks and asked in a very dangerous voice. 

“Who hit her?” 

Alice flinched again at how dangerous his tone sounded. Even though the question wasn‘t directed at Alice, she could feel how angry he was from the tone of his voice. 

The four burly men who kidnapped Alice paled visibly at Michael‘s question. They had been working under Michael for some time now, and they knew of his temper. Usually, they had kidnapped several people for him, and even tortured people who had gone against his wishes. Hence they were used to being brutal in their jobs. 

Before he ordered them to kidnap Alice, he made sure to inform them to treat Alice with the utmost care, and not a hair on her head should be hurt. However, they didn‘t do that. Not only was Alice brought to him in a mess, one of them even had the audacity to lay his hand on her. He could forgive them for Alice‘s rough state, but he could never forgive the person who laid his hand on his woman. 

you lot a question.” Michael stated in a cold voice.

kidnapper who slapped Alice stepped out. Michael looked at the kidnapper and asked in chilly tone. “You‘re the one who slapped her?” The kidnapper nodded his head timidly. Despite his heavily built frame, he was terrified of Michael. They had been working for him for a long time, so they knew how dangerous and

asked calmly.

kidnapper had barely opened his mouth to answer his question when a loud sound echoed


red wine against the brawny kidnapper‘s

calm gentleman. The kidnapper fell to the ground with a loud thud, his hands grabbing

the table the bottle of red wine was kept on, and smashed


loud bone crunching sound echoed in the room, and the table was smashed to pieces. The body of the kidnapper wasn‘t well off either. His right arm was bent 90 degree in the opposite direction, creating

scream, completely horrified of the scene in front of her.

more he beat the kidnapper, more he recalled the

time he was done, the healthy muscular kidnapper from before couldn‘t be recognized, and what was in his place was a battered man with broken bones and severe injuries. Michael Finn had displayed his

three kidnappers didn‘t waste any second and rushed over to their battered comrade. They hoisted him up onto their shoulders and exited the cabin hastily to treat him, without even turning back. They were afraid they would end up in their comrade shoes if

a charming smile gracing his lips. Although he looked incredibly handsome

slapped Alice, Darius was

that Alice was indeed kidnapped. They were able to get their hands on

such their car obviously had no license plate, making it extremely

police immediately mobilized their top professionals, and started working hard to find where Alice was taken.

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