The Double Life of a Secretary (Megan and Leo)

The Double Life of a Secretary (Megan and Leo)

Authors:Lily Morales
Num Chapters:200
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Chapter 200

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"The Double Life of a Secretary" by Lily Morales is a gripping novel that delves into the intricate world of Megan Reed, a dedicated and diligent secretary. In Chapter 1, Megan is abruptly awakened by a phone call from her boss, Leo. Despite feeling unwell due to a cold and medication, Megan is expected to be available around the clock. Leo's condescending tone challenges her commitment, but she gathers herself and agrees to meet him immediately.

Hastily changing clothes, Megan rushes to the Golden Beach, a renowned bar in Houston's downtown area. She navigates the crowded streets and arrives within the specified time limit of half an hour. Inside the bar, Leo, dressed impeccably in a black suit, captivates everyone's attention. His charismatic presence and composed demeanor make him stand out effortlessly.

Before Megan can exchange words with Leo, two voices emerge from an adjacent booth, drawing her attention. The voices express admiration for Leo's punctuality, confirming Megan's timely arrival. To her surprise, she realizes that Leo is accompanied by two men and a woman, who happens to be seated in his embrace. Leo playfully boasts about winning a bet, eliciting a playful response from the woman.

Curiosity piqued, Megan asks about the nature of the bet. One of the men explains that Leo claimed Megan would always appear before him within half an hour, regardless of the circumstances. To test this, they wagered against Leo, doubting Megan's ability. Unfortunately for the two men, Megan's punctuality resulted in their loss, and they reluctantly hand over valuable possessions as a consequence.

Megan's attention then shifts to the woman in Leo's arms, Sasha Vance, a popular star known for her striking resemblance to someone significant in Megan's life. The resemblance is uncanny, causing Megan's palms to perspire. Leo remains nonchalant, lounging on the sofa, savoring his victory. He dismisses Megan, implying that her sole purpose was to fulfill the bet.

Intrigued and with a mixture of emotions, Megan gathers her courage and questions Leo's motives for summoning her in the middle of the night for a mere bet. Leo responds with an enigmatic smile and calmly asks, "Or else?" leaving Megan pondering the deeper meaning behind his actions and the potential revelations that lie ahead...

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The Double Life of a Secretary (Megan and Leo)

The Double Life of a Secretary (Megan and Leo)

200 Chapters

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