Chapter 2630

"Of course! Alfred from the Dragon Corps in the southern region told me this, so how can it be wrong? Mister Wolf is probably stronger than even me,' Mister Orpwood nodded with respect.

He once saw Hug, but Hugh wore a mask at the time to cover his face so this was the second time he met Hugh.

When he first saw Hugh, Hugh took down the Poisonwielder all by himself, and now, he took the Demon Lord down as well.

Leon's righteousness impressed him.

On top of that, the Demon Lord was close to reaching the Peak Almighty State.

reached the Peak Almighty state as well using the rare herbs found in the western region, the Demon Lord was known to

Southern Boss, not to mention if he teamed up with the Southern Boss, who was

up against him, even Mister Orpwood himself would be at

teamed up against Hugh. That was how Mister Orpwood


and Fletcher were both

Leon before, thought that Leon was weak when Leon failed to fend off his

not be further from the

both in the Advanced Almighty State and that made them much stronger than Howard, who was only in

defeat him, yet Leon managed to take them both at the same time and kill the Demon

only proved that Leon was far stronger than Howard and he could not hold a candle to

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