“Since Mr. Clarke isn’t here, I won’t disturb you any longer. Please have a great time.” Javier had come so suddenly and left after delivering gifts, leaving the crowd shocked. Charles coughed with the card still in his hand and asked, “Does any of you know this Mr. Clarke?” Everyone shook their heads. A figure powerful enough to have the owner of Virtuous Court personally bring over delicious food and great wine was not someone they could be acquainted with their lowly status. “Could it be Philip Clarke?” No one knew who had said this for fun, but the whole room burst into laughter.

“Stop joking, how could it be that trash? If it were him, I’d eat these wine bottles.” “Other than having the same last name, what else does our cousin brother-in-law have to show for?” A few of the youngsters were mocking without reserve. Wynn found it hard to bear, so she scolded furiously,

“That’s enough! What are you guys saying? He is still your cousin brother-in-law no matter what!” Tsk! A few of the youngsters cocked up their eyebrows arrogantly but said nothing more. Charles chimed in and asked everyone to stop making a fuss. Charles’ friends were now extremely envious of him. “Charles, my man, how could you? You know such a powerful figure, but you didn’t introduce him to us.” “This too much. First, it’s a treasured painting. Now, there’s a ‘Mr. Clarke’.” “Come, come, come, forget about all those. These are precious liquors, a king’s drink, waiting to be tasted.” Charles felt it a waste to consume them all now, so he kept one bottle and opened the other. The others did not say anything because being able to have one taste of those liquors was enough to last them a lifetime.

the art gallery has ‘Clarke’ as the last

guessing, but the boss of

hoped to keep a low profile. “Really? Then, I must thank Mr.

Mr. Clarke. I can tell that he’s also a collector.” “I will,

back? Remember not to scold our cousin brother-in-law,” Lynn continued to mock. “His gift was quite nice, although it’s a fake.” Wynn had just reached the door when she heard this. She clenched her fists and left without ever looking back. As soon as she left, the group started discussing this mysterious Mr. Clarke while belittling Philip. Not long after he had left Virtuous Court, Philip received a text message: Mr. Clarke, this is Javier Morris. Everything is going well, and your father-in-law is delighted. Javier Morris? Oh, right, the owner of Virtuous Court. It seemed like this Javier Morris really knew how to win favors. Philip replied: I won’t look into how you managed to get my phone number, but you better not have exposed my identity in this incident. When Javier received Philip’s reply, he quickly responded out of fright: Mr. Clarke, don’t worry. I definitely did not. Philip nodded without replying to him after that and headed to the hospital. Back at the

of things here, so go back home to get some rest.” Wynn kept quiet as she looked at her daughter with reddened eyes. It seemed like she was trying very hard to suppress her emotions. “What’s wrong?” Philip noticed Wynn’s odd behavior. “Philip, do you plan to let Mila stay this way? Don’t you want her to get better treatment? Didn’t the doctor say that as long as we can pay one million, Mila can get her surgery done?” Wynn’s eyes were completely red. “Mila’s three years old now. It’s the best time for her to get treatment.” Philip looked at the sleeping

what else can you do?” Wynn accused Philip furiously. “At my father’s birthday today, forget giving him a cheap gift, why did you have to give him a painting? It was even a counterfeit! Do you know what they’re saying about me? I’ve had enough of you Philip Clarke, can’t you think of me and Mila a little more?” Philip knew that Wynn had experienced a lot of hardship and grievances in the past two years. They have been mocked and ridiculed, but he had his reasons that he could not help it. However, now that he had inherited his family fortune, things were going to be different. “Wynnie, trust me. I will definitely give Mila the best treatment, and I will definitely make up to the hurt that you’ve been feeling for the past two years.” Philip hugged Wynn’s shoulders but the

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