Everyone left the hall at Philip's command.

After going out the door, they glanced at each other and headed in different directions.

Philip waited for a while, but Licht did not approach him. He could not help but sigh. Just as he was about to make a decision, he suddenly heard a voice.

"What's the matter, little one?"

Philip jolted, and his energy surged. He disappeared from the spot and appeared at the door.

A smiling old man appeared next to where he was sitting before.

but if I really want to attack you, do you think

said in exasperation, "Teacher, your sudden appearance is quite

none other than Holy

looked at

said, "Okay, calm down. I'm here to tell you that I was the one who chose all the things contained in the ring that Licht gave to you. All those things can

that. Holy Polo was his teacher. When Philip learned from him back then, he already told Holy Polo of the laws he

Philip since he left. Philip felt a surge of warmth. This proved that Holy

you, Teacher," Philip said with

and said with a smile, "I planned to follow you the entire way, but it seems unnecessary

stage of nine stars is insufficient for this era now. The pseudo holy beings are much stronger than you, and their potential is not inferior to yours. Some of them even have the backing of major royal families and forces. Compared with them,

brought up by Holy Polo, and he totally agreed

this situation. He had no other choice but to plunder various resources as much as possible

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