Chapter 2510

Titus' eyes were slightly red, and there was some blood on his body.

Everyone was in disbelief to see him.

Everyone wondered, 'Wasn’t he checking on Kennedy? Why does he look like he had gotten into a fight?' "Bastard, you're fast! I'll see how far you can run this time!"

Before Sean and the others could say anything, a haughty voice was heard outside the private room.

Four burly bodyguards then burst into the private room.

They glanced across Sean and the others before heading straight for Titus.

When the bodyguards arrived, Titus ran to Sean's side without missing a beat.

"Brother Lennon, help me! That old geezer, Kennedy, asked these guys to catch me!" Titus said.

shook his head,

I advise you not to meddle in this! This guy has wounded our young master and taken our old

looked at Sean and said

said coldly, "I'm Aaron Lake from the Lake family's second branch! Kennedy's getting worse. I can't believe he'd go after his own nephew! If he

the four bodyguards' expressions changed as

and walked toward

you'll have to pay for attacking

fist landed on the leader's stomach before


a dull

was sent flying

the ground with their leader without even having time

Lennon has my

kicked the four bodyguards on

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