Chapter 1765

After considering it for a moment, she figured Bryan, who had been busy taking care of his hospitalized father, wouldn’t tag along. “Invite Ida along. We could grab some sushi and then go help Belinda with her wedding dress shopping.”

Chase grinned. “Alright. I’ll call her now.”

Belinda leaned into Ellinor’s side, clinging to her like a child would to their parent, and murmured, “Ellinor, to be honest, I’m actually pretty nervous.”

Ellinor quirked an eyebrow at her and teased, “Nervous about what? It’s not like this is your first rodeo.”

Belinda jerked her head up as a frown creased her forehead. “Ellinor! Are you really bringing up that mess? That was like living through a horror movie!”

Laughing, Ellinor reached out to pinch her cheek. “Exactly! So why the jitters? Surely, it can’t be worse than the last time. Your groom-to-be might not be Mr. Perfect, but he’s miles ahead of the last one. I’ve got your back, so he wouldn’t dare cause a ruckus.”

Ellinor’s jesting seemed to do the trick, and Belinda visibly relaxed.

Chase, however, was not amused. “Hey! Boss, isn’t it a bit much to badmouth me in front of my wife? And to do it right in front of me too?”

arms, unfazed by his childish outburst. “Oh, so you have a problem with that?”

“No, no,

breeze. The air conditioning inside the car was too harsh.


of the car, Ida arrived. But she wasn’t alone. Bryan, the last person Ellinor wanted to see, was

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decided to ignore him and

unwelcome status and followed them

Ellinor replied, “I’m hungry!”

stride, Bryan kept up with her. “That hungry, huh? Didn’t you have breakfast?”

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ignoring my calls? I’ve been trying to reach you all morning. If I hadn’t run into Ida for lunch,

calls. She had a feeling he was up to no

are you hanging onto her like that? You’re not even related by blood!” Belinda rolled

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