When Jonathan arrived downstairs, Josephine was nowhere to be seen.

Meanwhile, Andrew, who was supposed to have left with his troop, had been waiting for him downstairs. Upon spotting Jonathan, he scurried over and greeted, “Commander!”

“Did Zachary send you to tail me?” Jonathan asked, his gaze turning icy.

Andrew's face paled at the overwhelming presence exuded by Asura. It felt as though a sword was going to slash his throat any minute.

Jonathan's penetrating gaze made Andrew hang his head low.

“N-No, we're not tailing you. King of War sent us to protect you!” Andrew replied in a shaky voice, too anxious and afraid to look straight at his superior.

“Protect?” Hearing his answer, Jonathan snickered. “Do I need your protection?”

At that, Andrew stiffened.

Indeed, Asura was mighty enough to conquer the world without losing a single battle. He did not need to be protected.

“Relay my words to Zachary. If he interferes in my business one more time, he shall return to Northern Crimson Prison and stay there for one year!”

Fear colored Andrew's pale complexion when he heard Jonathan's words. Falling to his knees, he answered, “Yes, Sir!”

After casting one last look at him, Jonathan turned and strode away.

Right after his figure disappeared from sight, Andrew whipped out his phone with trembling hands. He dialed a number without hesitation and said, “Sir, Asura—”

“Did he say he'll lock me up in Northern Crimson Prison if I were to interfere in his business one more time?” Zachary interjected before he could finish his sentence.

“H-How did you know?” Andrew's eyes widened in disbelief.

King of War install some kind

looking around. I didn't plant any bug on you!” The King of War seemed to know what Andrew was thinking as he chuckled before explaining, “I've worked under Asura for two years, and

stern as he ordered, “You're not allowed to come back. Conceal yourself and continue to tail him. Remember, don't let Asura get into

“But Asura—”

Andrew replied, Zachary cut him off impatiently yet again. “Shut up. Do you intend on defying a military order? Even if Asura skin me alive, you must remain within one hundred meters of his vicinity. If he

“Yes, Sir!”

not defy a

Asura. Though Asura is invincible, we must still put our guard up and not

“Yes, Sir!”

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West Region to cause trouble in

the Smith residence to look for Josephine. Considering how he had just made her hackles rise, she would not talk to him amicably if

Anyone faced with the same situation would react the same way as Josephine. Hence, he could understand why

under his breath, “I owe Josephine too much for the past few years. It looks like I

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Jonathan answered as he took his seat. “I remember keeping some alcohol here. Could you do me a favor and find out

I know your

“It's Jonathan Goldstein.”

“A moment, please.”

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