Emmeline could never forget how useless her brother-in-law was. He idled around and never bothered to get a job. Besides doing house chores, such as cooking, cleaning the dishes, vacuuming the floor, and fixing the toilet, he was utterly incompetent.

No man was as useless and ridiculous as him.

She had looked down on Jonathan since the day he married into the Smith family.

I don't understand what my sister sees in him. He's ugly and useless. If Josephine hadn't pitied him, he would've been a singleton forever!

“Those men you were drinking with drugged your drink. I saved you from them!” Jonathan knew his sister-in-law despised him, so he cut his explanation short.

However, she refused to believe him. Glaring at him with widened eyes, she snarled, “Drug? You're saying that they drugged me? It seems more like you're the one who wants to do that!”

There's no way they would've drugged me. Even if I were drugged, it must be Jonathan who did that!

Not in the mood to entertain her accusations, Jonathan rolled his eyes and replied curtly, “Whatever.”

If it were not for Josephine, he would have left her to die on the streets.

“Jonathan Goldstein, how dare you talk to me that way?” Emmeline growled, vexed with his attitude.

After marrying my sister, he had been polite and submissive to me. He never dared to raise his voice at me, let alone talk to me in such a tone. I can't believe he's this rude after reappearing!

“Emmeline, if it weren't for your sister, I would've ignored your plight. If I hadn't helped you, those hooligans would've raped you in the woods!” Jonathan shot her an icy glare. “Now that you're awake, you can choose to go home or keep drinking with your buddies. Feel free to do as you desire; it's none of my business!”

With that, he spun on his heels and stalked away.

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