Chapter 21 Get Out

What? The head of the Blackwood family has upset Asura?

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The moment he heard Jonathan’s reply, Harrison’s expression darkened. “Mr. Goldstein, how dare he!”

Does he know who Jonathan is? He is Asura, for goodness sake. Even Zachary, the King of War of Jazona, has to kneel in front of Jonathan, let alone the lowly head of the Blackwood family. Does he have a death wish by getting on Jonathan’s nerves?

“Actually, he didn’t upset me. Instead, he made my wife angry,” Jonathan casually explained. Given that he didn’t even know who the head of the Blackwood family was, his toes weren’t the ones to be trodden upon.

Nevertheless, an insult to Josephine was still an insult to him.

“Wife? Sir, since when did you get married?” Harrison was confused.

He realized that other than having seen Jonathan before, he knew nothing else about him.

“My wife is a member of the Smith family, and they are at odds with the Blackwood family. Did you know that?” Jonathan plainly asked.

“The Smith family?”

Harrison pondered a moment. “Is the Smith family you mentioned the same one that had been cheated one billion in a contract by the Blackwood family?”

Jonathan’s eyebrows furrowed intensely. He only knew the Blackwood family had offended the Smith family. However, he wasn’t aware that something like that

family’s land. Initially, the plan was for the Blackwood family to acquire it for a few hundred million. I’m sure you’re aware that if the Blackwood family didn’t develop

they somehow got wind that the Blackwood family was planning to develop the land into

head of the Blackwood family set up a trap in anger. Not only did they take over the vast piece of land, the Smith family even ended up owing them one billion

enmity between the Smith family and the Blackwood family had become

offended the Blackwood family in

attack when he realized they had fallen into a trap. When Harrison first heard it, he simply saw it as a joke. But now that he knew Jonathan’s wife was a member of the

could say another word, he was swarmed

“Mr. Seymour!”

“Mr. Seymour!”

man in Jadeborough, all of

dared to disrespect him in

when everyone was greeting Harrison, Margaret’s sharp eyes spied Jonathan

“It’s him!”

Jonathan, Connor was shocked. “How did he

it obvious?” Margaret smirked. “I don’t know how that piece of the trash managed to crash the party. Perhaps,

right to be at such

was that he had stolen an invitation

kind of person,” Josephine snapped

Jonathan, Josephine knew that he

didn’t? Josephine, you cannot judge a book by its cover. If you don’t believe me, shall I call him over to check if he has stolen one?” Just as she

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