“You still think you can talk your way out of this?

Fine! Take her away!” Sebastian suddenly roared. A group of his henchmen dressed in all-black appeared out of nowhere and grabbed Sasha’s arms. Stunned, she shot back at him. “Where do you think you’re taking me? I’m warning you, I’m now a legal citizen of Moranta! Taking me anywhere against my will is kidnapping; it is illegal!” “Illegal?” He scoffed.

“I am the law here!” “Where are you taking me? Are you crazy? You desperately wanted me out of your life, but why are you dragging me back now? Are you trying to wash the blood off your hands? Or are you trying to show off what a liberal lover you are by being a polygamist? You’re insane! Let go of me right now!”

Her yells could still be heard from the third-floor office, even as she was dragged to the first floor. Luke noticed a vein had popped in the corner of his boss’ forehead. I wish I was anywhere but here. The farther, the better.

be reckoned with. If she dared say anything similar to any of the Larsons, she would have

high-end apartment in town. Willow had just picked up Matteo and his sister. As per Sasha’s instructions, she brought them back to her own apartment instead of sending them home. “Matteo,

something yummy for you both to eat when I return.” “Yes, Ms. Fischer.” Vivian,

Vivian tottered after her brother while hugging a plushie. “Matt, what are you doing?” Picking up the phone, he glanced at her. “I’m calling Mommy to see if she’s at the hospital.” “Huh?” Why

and walked away to watch cartoons. After what felt like a million rings, someone from the hospital finally answered the call. “Hello?” “Hello. I’d like to

Mommy didn’t go to the hospital, where else could she be? Matteo didn’t believe what the nurse said, but he knew it was useless to continue asking her. So he hung up the call and climbed down from the stool he’d used to reach the phone, hiding away in Willow’s study. In a few minutes,

Mr. Jackson’s office? The young boy furrowed his eyebrows. Meanwhile, at Hilton Hotel, Sasha hadn’t stopped struggling for a single moment since she left the hospital. However, no matter how she struggled, she was no match for the burly men in black. In the end, they still brought

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