Matteo gave the guards an annoyed look.

“I got it. You can leave now.” “Huh? Leave? But…” “Do you want me to call Daddy?” Matteo asked haughtily. The guards immediately shut up and exchanged panicked looks before. To Matteo’s surprise, they actually left the room. This stuck-up Ian guy is awesome! He’s so powerful! Matteo smugly walked around the suite.

He was oblivious to the fact that the guards had only followed his orders because they knew they have to deal with Sebastian as well as Frederick if they annoyed Ian. This isn’t a joke! Our jobs are on the line here! The kid has not one, but two secret weapons at his disposal! Running away is the only option we have! Matteo quickly lost interest in the fancy penthouse suite. He ran around in search of his mother. “Mommy?” “Who is it?”

Fortunately for him, he heard his mother’s voice as soon as he called out to her. Elated, he ran as fast as his short legs could take him towards the source. “Mommy? What happened?” “Ah! Matt, why are you here? How did you find this place? Did anyone else see you? You must leave right now, it’s too dangerous for you here!”

at the sound of her son’s voice, hastily wiping away her teary eyes. Matteo’s small face darkened as soon as he realized she had been crying. “Mommy, who bullied you? Is it that big meanie?” She shook her head,

angered. That meanie dared to bully Mommy? He was never going to forgive him. When Matteo set his mind to protecting someone he loved, he would

Just leaving a message for the meanie.” His tiny hand gripped the pen and swiftly wrote a simple message in French: You’re dead! “Matt!” gasped Sasha. … Sebastian

this. However, this doctor couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him either. “Mr. Hayes, I apologize for being blunt, but something psychological might cause your illness. Now that

as he knit his eyebrows together, clearly against the idea. The doctor could only sigh and keep silent. No one handled the diagnosis of mental illness well because no one wanted to admit that there was something psychologically wrong with themselves, especially if it was affecting them physically too. In the end, the doctor could only prescribe a heavier dose of Diazepam. Sebastian collected his medicine and was about to leave when he received a

A vein in the corner of Sebastian’s forehead popped as soon as he read the note. “That b*tch has a death wish! Did you find out who did this?

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