Sasha ignored Xandra and shifted her gaze to her son. “Little Ian, come to me. Quickly, let me look at your hands.” “Ah, are you still trying to find evidence from the child? Let me tell you, this kid is usually very naughty. It’s normal for him to bump and knock into things. If you’re thinking of using that to accuse me, you’re wasting your time,” Xandra said sarcastically.

Sasha shouted angrily, “Shut up, Xandra! You know very well what you did. I will never let you hurt him again now that I’m back. So it’s best that you take my words seriously!” There was something utterly terrifying and murderous in her eyes that made Xandra shudder in fear. Feeling intimidated and furious, the latter ordered the bodyguards, “Seal the cabin and the window; don’t leave a single crack. Keep her in there! If she goes missing, there’ll be hell to pay when Mr. Hayes finds out!” Regardless of the commotion, Sasha tried to reach for her son. “Ian, quickly come over and let me have a look. Little Ian…”

He remained on the spot. At that moment, Ian was a quite baffled and wasn’t sure why Sasha was so agitated. Did Ms. Xandra do something wrong? She has always been like that. So what is the problem? This boy who often isolated himself in the house because he didn’t like to talk or socialize with others. He actually thought Xandra’s behavior was normal. “Little Ian, please come. Let me have a look…” Sasha was on her knees, begging in tears.

at the window, hoping to see how her son was doing. She had carried him in her belly for ten months after all. He never knew a mother’s love because she had abandoned him at birth. How could she still leave him to be abused by such a

at that very moment, Xandra was on the move. She bent down and swept him off the ground. “Seal up the cabin tightly. If I see her again, don’t even think about staying working for the Hayes anymore!” she commanded fiercely before turning around and left with Ian in her arms. Sasha almost passed out from rage in the cabin. Sebastian,

the entire day. Furthermore, she was demanding to see him. “See me? Why? Is it because of that incident this afternoon where she thought Xandra had abused Ian?” he asked nonchalantly. Finally able to regain some energy, that man sat on

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