Sebastian was utterly stunned. “Suicide trick… Right? Alright then, I’ll entertain… you today then. Sebastian, I’ll exchange my life… with my son. Is that a deal? If I die, don’t you ever… let that b*tch touch my son again!” She managed to utter the words strenuously with blood seeping out of her mouth. Her eyes were blazing with anger.

Sebastian clenched his fist tightly as his heart throbbed from an inexplicable ache. That was the first time he was afraid to look into her eyes. She has really gone mad! Is she aware of what she’s doing? He rushed over and grabbed the object from her hand, only to discover that it was a piece of broken glass from the window she had smashed earlier. “Sasha, have you gone mad?”

His head was about to explode. Immediately, he threw away the shard of glass and shouted at the bodyguards. Fortunately, they arrived at the scene in no time with a first aid box. Sebastian felt like he was going mad himself; he had never dealt with such a crazy woman like her before. When they were married, she was submissive and calm.

avoid getting into more trouble. She figured that by shutting Sasha up right after the incident, there wouldn’t be

She had played the role of a virtuous wife and mother for five years now, and she was pretty good at it. Therefore, instead of being worried and fearful,

hunger strike, Xandra was even more delighted. Sasha, do you seriously think you can compete with me? It wasn’t until evening that she received the news of Sasha’s suicidal attempt. Her face darkened upon hearing that. Suicide? Why would she do that? Was it an

was going on. However, it was a tad too late. Just when she was stepping out, she saw two bodyguards standing at the entrance. “Ms. Green, Mr. Hayes wants to see you.” Her limbs went numb, and she almost lost her balance while standing at the cabin’s entrance. Her worst nightmare was finally turning into reality. Xandra was escorted downstairs. She had been living the luxurious

the wind scraping along the cabin windows, screeching sounds sent shivers down to one’s spine. Upon arriving at the main cabin, Xandra caught a glimpse of the man who was sitting at the edge of the bed.

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