Sasha was imprisoned again, but the session merely lasted for a few hours because she was set free the moment the yacht nosed up to the bay. “Ms. Wand, we have arrived at our destination. However, we’ll send you to another accommodation instead of having you stay at Hayes Residence.” Luke delivered the news as he brought her out of the cabin.

Great! Visiting the Hayes is the last thing on my to-do list! If they really send me there, I have no idea how Mr. Hayes Sr. will react when he sees me! Back in the day, Frederick played the role of a doting father-in-law and treated Sasha like his own. He might pass out from the shock of seeing her alive after all these years. Luke’s words caused Sasha to heave a huge breath of relief. “Great! Let’s get going then!” She couldn’t wait to see Matteo and Vivian.

She wondered how they were doing over the past few days. Luke nodded and led the way. She was bemused to be given the opportunity to return after being away for five whole years. At a glance, nothing much had changed in Avenport. It was still the city she used to know, full of skyscrapers, and yet it felt so foreign to her. “What’s taking you so long? Get into the car already!”

The bodyguard by her side urged impatiently. Sasha snapped out of the nostalgic moment and marched towards the car that was parked nearby. “Where’s Ian? Has he disembarked yet?” The bodyguard replied petulantly, “Seriously? Do you have a death wish or something? How dare you poke your nose into his business?”

Sasha decided to keep her mouth shut and look out the window instead. She put everything aside, including why she wasn’t brought to the Hayes or the whereabouts of that hateful man. Since she wouldn’t be joining the rest at Hayes Residence, she thought she might get to sneak out and see her beloved children. To her surprise, she was brought to an apartment in an unknown location that had three bedrooms, a dining hall, and a living room.

it back!” “Who exactly are you trying to

window, but the moment she craned over and noticed she was on the thirtieth floor, she gulped and changed

with her children without strong backings or connections. Picking the lock became an essential skill that ensured they had a roof over their heads during those trying times. However, when she found the tools she needed and was going to pick

figure in front of her. “Mommy, what are you doing? Are you going to pick the lock? Correct me if I’m wrong, but have some criminals imprisoned you again? Who have you offended this time?” She never thought her savior would

lost herself in a train of thoughts. “M-Matt, what are you doing here? How

show up on the high seas? Have you been abducted by the meanie again?” Matteo was enraged. After he marched into the apartment, he stretched his arm and retrieved the tracking device he had secretly planted on his mother’s clothes. I’m his mom for heaven’s sake! Why is he always treating me like a

huh? Why don’t I teach him a lesson?” Matteo couldn’t suppress his wrath anymore. He started leaving notes behind like he did the last time. Sasha finally returned to her usual self and stop her son when she figured out the things he was up to. “No, Matteo! You have misunderstood my

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