She actually knows what she’s doing! He had this particular thought in his mind seconds before falling into a deep slumber. It had been ages since he last slept so soundly. “He’s finally asleep.” Sasha let out a sigh of relief. For a second, she thought it wouldn’t work because his symptoms were so severe that she doubted if she could administer the second needle to its precise acupoint.

Thankfully, everything went according to her plan. She wanted to take a break, but the moment she pulled the needles away, Sebastian’s head tilted and hung down limply. Seeing that the man was finally deep asleep, she instinctively reached out to cut his head to prevent him from hurting himself. Thankfully, she managed to stop him in time, but she could feel his cheek on her palm. However, the moment his cheek landed on her palm, Sasha felt a numbing yet warming sensation.

Horrified, she jolted her hand away as though his head a hot potato. She couldn’t help but find it hilarious because she had warned herself to consider him a stranger in her life.

Nevertheless, her reaction to such an unintentional act was beyond her comprehension. Gone was the arrogant and egoistic man. In his deep slumber, Sasha noticed he seemed relaxed. The frown had vanished. He looked like the perfect gentle with flawless skin, ethereal features and a pair of deep-set eyes with thick eyelashes. For a moment, she couldn’t peel her eyes away.

asleep?” “Huh?” Sasha had the shock of her life

he’s asleep, Ian. Why are you here again? Aren’t you supposed to be sleeping?” Sasha pulled herself together and kept her medical kit. The little boy paid no heed to her and made his way to his father’s side. Actually, Ian was concerned about his father’s

know, I’m a renowned doctor? I have cured every single patient who has visited me! A mere sleeping disorder isn’t much of an issue at all!” In order to get the little boy to open up to her, Sasha shared the experiences she had gone through as a doctor at Clear Hospital. After she shared her tales

surprise, she received a reply when she thought her son would pay no heed to her query again. Perhaps he was grateful she treated his

her. Immediately, she went after her son and asked, “Can I walk back to your room? I’m sure you don’t want to walk up the stairs on your own, do you?” “Thanks,

their session. “Oh! I have brought along a few snacks for you! Are you hungry? I’ll go get it for you immediately!” She took out the brownies with waiting for him to reply. She had personally baked the brownies when she was at her aunt’s place in the afternoon. Initially, she had prepared it for Matteo and Vivian

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