At Hayes Corporation, Sebastian was meeting some clients when he received the message.

“Mr. Hayes?”

“I’m sorry, I have some personal matters to attend to. Let’s reschedule the meeting.”

After ushering out his clients with whom he was supposed to sign a multi-billion dollar contract with, Sebastian quickly turned on the TV.

Luke was surprised to see Sebastian’s reaction.

“Mr. Hayes, why are you… turning on the TV all of a sudden? What about the clients…”

“Ian is performing today. Inform everyone else that I’ll not be meeting anyone within the next hour,” Sebastian instructed.

After tuning in to the right channel, Sebastian made a cup of coffee for himself.

Given that his son was about to perform, he naturally wanted to settle down and enjoy the show.

Luke watched on helplessly.

Fine, super dad. No one pampers your children more than you do.

However, what are his eyes looking at? He isn’t watching Ian on stage. Instead, he seems to be looking someplace else?

At the small dots on the right side of the stage?

He is looking at them!

the other two children. They had no seats as they weren’t

the stage, the audience broke into loud applause when they saw a handsome little boy walk up with

anticipation as it

there to be excited about? He will just

are just

began to make snide remarks while waiting for their turn to go on stage, especially the group of boys who were

just like a handsome young prince. When he played the first note on his violin, the concert hall broke

audience realized he wasn’t there just for the fun

played the correct

that, he calmly began his


don’t say! Besides, he can still collaborate well with the other instruments. Look at his duet with the piano, and also

the concert hall

audience was praising her son. She was so caught up

typed: Look, isn’t he

also watching the scene on TV, he

replied: I

Sasha was speechless.

kind of man is

 I was the one who gave birth to

when Sasha wanted to put her phone down, she didn’t want to be outdone and replied, “Matteo is amazing too. The next time he has a competition,

it was the old Sebastian, he would definitely have regarded the message with

elated by her response

an eye on the children and don’t wander around

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