The hostility in Sebastian’s eyes dissipated with his good mood.

“What are you doing?”

Sasha turned melancholic and asked anxiously, “I’m trying to pick up the sound card. Sebastian, I might have gotten you involved in another nasty situation because I was in the middle of a fight with the maids of your aunt. Matteo couldn’t stand it anymore and accidentally hurt the legs of your aunt’s beloved grandchild. What should we do?”

She tried to defend her sons and took all the blame, but the moment she did that, she was on pins and needles. Since Sebastian’s aunt was involved, she felt helpless.

He hated to see her like this. “What’s the big deal? Are we supposed to be concerned?”

Sasha couldn’t believe her ears. She stuttered, “H-Huh? S-Shouldn’t we be concerned about his condition?”

The man started emanating an intimidating presence and dead-panned his reply. “Excuse me? Are you trying to be merciful towards the ones who have bullied your son?”

“N-No… He’s but a child. I’m afraid Matteo might have gone overboard…” Sasha explained herself.

As a mother, she knew parents would always side with their own children. She wasn’t trying to be a saint, but she couldn’t herself from sympathizing with them.

“Some children are born angels, but some are the exact opposites. Do you really think Matteo has gone overboard? Do you know what will happen if that brat manages to put the sound card into Ian’s instrument?” Sebastian countered.

Sasha didn’t reply him.

who has just taken his baby steps, will be ridiculed by the others. Their mockery

into fists. Her eyes brimmed with tears. She couldn’t believe she had been so foolish as to pity that arrogant boy when he almost caused irreparable

sorry for being

mercy. However, you must protect your loved ones. You don’t have to be kind to those

more like a gentle reminder than a reprimand. Judging by Sasha’s

Sasha nodded.

be the deadliest part, to himself. He

to them, the Emmanuels decided to go to him. Sasha caught a glimpse of the approaching bunch and

nearby. “Ian, come here. Show your siblings and

delighted to carry

returned to his mother and siblings, he marched out of the hall with them, emanating a majestic

his father, Ian would never allow others to challenge his

arrogant boy’s father, brought his wife over to Sebastian’s side when they were the only ones left in the hall. His wife was the middle-aged woman who had reprimanded Sasha

was wrong. She went overboard because she wasn’t aware they were your children. I


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