Rufus' POV:

Sylvia's action was very unhesitating, taking everyone by surprise. Sᴇaʀch Thᴇ Find ɴøᴠel.nᴇt website on Gøøglᴇ to access chapters of novels early and in the highest quality.

Geoffrey instinctively let out a loud shriek. "How could you really do it?"

The other vampires finally came out of their stupor. They all exposed their fangs and shot murderous glares at Sylvia.

The blonde vampire whose neck had been snapped was lying on the ground, her neck bent at an odd angle. Blood dribbled from the corner of her mouth and her body convulsed violently. She stared at Sylvia fiercely.

A vampire could not be killed easily. Sylvia's attack had only incapacitated her. It would not result in her death.

Sylvia shook her hand to get rid of the blood on it and glanced coldly at the vampires. "Who else wants to give it a go? Come on."

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Harry couldn't stop himself from chiming in. He waved his fist at Geoffrey and bit out, "You are just a coward who is

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