Chapter 4 The Switch

“How long has Oliver been inside? Zachary, go check if he has diarrhea,” Arissa instructed her eldest son. She was concerned that her children could not acclimatize to the weather back home.

“Okay!” Zachary went off to rush his brother.

Arissa looked around for the aforementioned store, but she could not find it. “Jesse, where did Jasper go to buy cotton candy?”

“Mommy, it’s over there! The one with a blue plane!” Jesse pointed toward a direction as she spoke with a missing front tooth.

Arissa scanned the surrounding for a bit before finally spotting the cotton candy store. Nevertheless, there was no sign of Jasper, much to her dismay.

She could not see clearly as there was an influx of people moving around the airport. Arissa had no choice but to wait for Oliver’s return before she could start searching for Jasper.

At last, Zachary came out of the restroom with Oliver. After waiting for a few moments, Arissa brought her three little ones along in search of Jasper while hauling their luggage.

When they arrived at the cotton candy store, however, there was no sign of Jasper.

Arissa could not help but worry for his safety. After all, her children were still unfamiliar with this place.

“Where is he?” she asked impatiently.

“Could Jasper have run off to buy something else?” Zachary frowned.

“Let’s wait for him a little longer!” Arissa reassured her children while trying to convince herself that Jasper would return soon.

As time passed, he still did not show up.

Could it be that he went back to the restroom to look for us?

Just when Arissa thought about going back to search for Jasper, a familiar figure suddenly ran toward them. She breathed a sigh of relief and embraced the little boy tightly.

Gavin Graham froze in shock after getting hugged by an affectionate woman who was a complete stranger to him.

“Oh, my gosh! You almost scared your mommy to death! Didn’t I tell you to wait for me? Why are you running around in a place like this?” Arissa reprimanded.

“That’s right! We thought you had disappeared! If you still didn’t return, Mommy was going to use the airport’s public address system to find you!” Oliver chimed in.


caused a ripple

That was because they looked like carbon copies of

other children next to him.

why do they resemble me so much?

at the sight of the three siblings. However, he managed to maintain an

words just now. She immediately embraced

missing. Where did you go

response as he had yet

only found the location of the cotton candy store after some help from a passerby. Little did he expect to be hugged by an unfamiliar

as he realized Arissa’s doting

Is she my mommy?

Arissa and the three siblings, who resembled him. He

my real mommy. This lady is the real one—I’m sure she’s the one. Also, it looks like I have several brothers

felt a surge of surprise mixed with excitement within

difference in the boy as she reached out and rubbed his


headed off to buy the confection for her children. However, the observant Zachary noticed a slight difference in his younger brother and scrutinized Gavin from head

a feeling that this boy in front of

as a thought dawned

just now?” he whispered in

he could not find the

people!” Gavin had not calmed down from the

was more cold and aloof than Jasper, who had always been lively and


Gavin as

he whispered as he edged closer to

followed Arissa to buy cotton candy. They were overjoyed to the point that they did not notice the odd conversation between the

skipped a beat as he believed Zachary

have mistaken me for someone else! This means there is another boy who resembles me, and he has disappeared for some reason.

each of you!” Arissa handed out the cotton

and chirped, “This is yummy!” The sticky cotton candy smeared all over the

of his youngest

wiped Jesse’s

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