Chapter 819 Contraption Games 2

Even though it was a familiar children’s lullaby, the doll managed to make it sound creepy.

Natalie stared into the giant doll’s empty eyes and gritted her teeth. “What is this ludicrous contraption? Why is there an authentication method like this? I don’t understand why it’s so convoluted!”

Benjamin explained, “It’s not weird that King designs a contraption like this. Blaze rarely ever does anything in a predictable way. King claimed himself as the creator and that nothing escapes his grasp. The reason he put such a contraption in the theme park’s theater is to mess with anyone who barges in here. He intentionally uses this kind of method to torture people’s minds. If we can’t give him the answer he wants, not only will we fail to enter the base, but we may also die here! He’s an arrogant, egotistical, and absurd man!”

The longer Natalie stared at the creepy doll, the more she felt King was a pervert through and through.

“Pay attention to the lyrics,” Benjamin reminded in a low voice. “We need to find the ninth friend to pass through here.”

crazy the game was in her mind. However, she had no choice

area! You can help me, right? If you can’t find my friend, you’ll have to stay

walked toward the door to open it. However, the door was already

got two possible outcomes. Either we die of hunger here or we get killed by other contraptions

why Yara didn’t leave any clues about this room. There are two entries to the base. She must’ve usually gone through the other one. There is tight security there while this one is well-hidden. She only knows about the existence of this passageway and nothing else about it because she has never come here before. In

right, Benjamin. Let’s find that ninth friend.” She stared at the giant doll. “Only then will

was getting less and less surprised by her behavior. This woman cannot be judged by conventional

“Mhm,” he replied.

giant doll took up a third of the room

dolls in the mirrors had different

looking for. We got a one-in-nine chance to pick the right one, but I bet the contraption only allows us to pick once. The

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