Five years later, a little boy clad in blue overalls and a plaid shirt was attracting a lot of attention at the main terminal of Dellmoor International Airport. His wavy hair, exquisite features, and long lashes curled upward like a doll gave everyone the impression that he would be the dream guy of many girls when he grew up. Just as everyone was curious about his mother’s beauty, a woman with a flat nose, thick lips, and freckles dotted all over her face shouted out to him, “Have you bought the Coke, Sweetheart?” “Yes, I have, Mommy.” Hearing this, all the ladies among the crowd dropped their jaws in disbelief. Is it possible for a handsome young boy to have such an unattractive woman as his mother? Ever since his mother started wearing that hideous hyper-realistic mask, such scenes would happen all the time, so Xavian Nichols was already used to it. He walked over to Natalie and handed her the fizzy drink before drinking some water obediently. “Mommy, how long are you planning to wear such an ugly thing?” “Are you saying that I’m ugly, Sweetheart?” “Of course not, Mommy. I’m just worried that you’ll feel stuffy wearing it for such a long time.” I don’t have the right to comment on Mommy’s appearance! Xavian was the least attractive when compared to his older brother, Clayton, and Natalie. Hence, he felt that he did not have the right, nor the courage, to comment on her ethereal beauty. “It’s good that you’re aware of your lack of attractiveness, Sweetheart.” The passersby were utterly dumbfounded. Is there someone wrong with my beauty standards? The mother is way uglier than her kid! The corners of Natalie’s lips raised slightly as she observed the familiar yet foreign city through the floor-to-ceiling windows of the airport. It’s been five whole years. Time to return and settle the score! Just as Natalie was lost in her thoughts, an adorable little girl bumped into her and stumbled before falling to the ground. Seeing this, she quickly crouched down and helped the girl up. “Are you okay? Did you hurt yourself?” Sophia Bowers’ eyes flickered as she stared intently at Natalie. She did not make a fuss, but merely uttered, “M-Mommy…” “You can’t just casually call anyone your mom. She’s my mommy, not yours!” Xavian exclaimed, looking extremely jealous. Sophia ignored his words and wrapped her arms around Natalie. Natalie could feel the tightness of her grip, as though she was afraid of losing her. Xavian’s face was scrunched up with jealousy, but with a pointed look from Natalie, he begrudgingly stood where he was and chugged his water. “Were you separated from your mommy? Where is she? I’ll take you to her, okay?” Sophia shook her head vigorously, looking slightly anxious. Assuming that the girl was feeling insecure, Natalie stroked her cheek. “Trust me, okay? I’ll help you find your mommy.” The five-year-old girl had never spoken nor made a sound before. However, she took an immediate liking to Natalie from the moment they met and even managed to utter that word. For some reason, Sophia felt a strong desire to depend on her. Hence, she stubbornly continued murmuring to Natalie, “Mom… Mommy…” Unlike Natalie, who was merely caught off guard by the girl’s actions, Xavian felt a surge of intense jealousy. Meanwhile, the second son of the Bowers family, Steven, was utterly relieved when he spotted Sophia. If I didn’t manage to find her, Sam would have my head! Noticing that the girl was with a stranger, he was about to carry her away when he heard her voice for the first time as she babbled, “Mommy…” Steven could not believe his ears. Crouching down, he placed a hand on Sophia’s shoulder. “What did you just say? Can you repeat that?” Seeing that he was here for her, the girl pointed at Natalie. “Mom… Mommy…” Steven followed the direction of her finger and saw an ordinary-looking face filled with freckles. What the hell? She’s calling this woman Mommy? Snapping out of his trance, he inquired, “What did you do to Sophia?” “You must be her father. Where did you get the nerve to question me?” Still thinking that the girl was feeling insecure, she could not help but remark, “Why aren’t you cherishing such a sweet girl? She must’ve had a hard life for her to address me as her mother.” Steven was once again dumbfounded. “She addressed you as her mother?” Natalie rolled her eyes. “Who else would she address that to? You?” Steven was rendered speechless by her remark. It took several confirmations for him to finally dispel his disbelief. “Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Sophia’s uncle, Steven Bowers. I was so surprised just now because she has suffered from aphasia since childhood and has never spoken to anyone.” As soon as Natalie heard that, she felt terrible for the girl. “Can he be trusted, Sophia?” The little girl nodded. “Is it true that you have aphasia, Sophia?” She received another nod in response. “Since he was looking for you, you should go home with him,” Natalie said as she caressed the little girl’s head. Without making a fuss, Sophia watched as Natalie walked away with Xavian. Just as Steven was about to ask the little girl how she was suddenly able to speak, he subconsciously glanced at her and was surprised by what he saw. Sophia’s eyes were filled with tears as she sobbed silently.

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