Natalie was forced into the car. Amidst her shock, she was about to swing back in retaliation, but the other party moved faster. Her arm was firmly locked in place by the man. His searing hot breath grazed right past her ear, and she could feel his lips making brief contact with it. “Let go of me! What kind of pathetic man are you, having to resort to kidnapping?” Natalie taunted. The more she tried to escape, the tighter his grip grew. The gap between her back and his chest was slowly closing. His voice was magnetic, and his deep laughter brushed past her ear. “Are you questioning my manhood? Would you like to check for yourself?” “How am I supposed to do that when you’ve restrained my hands?” Natalie rolled her eyes. He couldn’t deny that, and let go of her arms. Within the next second, she spun around and swung her fist toward him. However, he caught it easily. While grabbing onto her fist, he pulled her to his side, and the distance between them once again grew smaller. “You’ve got quite the attitude,” he commented. She looked up at him with a fierce gaze. His features were profound and unsurpassed. They were simply perfect, without any flaws to pick at. His gaze was icy and unfathomable, with eyes deep like an ocean. The mole below his right eye only added to his elegant demeanor. There was a cheeky smile on his face. Both good and evil intentions were revealed on his cold face. Everything about him was just so mysterious. Over the past twenty-five years of her life, Natalie had met many attractive men. Despite that, the man in front of her was the pinnacle of perfection. His gaze flickered as he stared at the dazed Natalie. “I’ve been intending to invite you out for a meal for a long time, Ms. Nichols. However, you kept rejecting me, so I had no choice but to do this in order for us to meet,” Samuel explained as he let go of her pale fist. “My name is Samuel Bowers.” The moment Natalie heard that name, she finally came back to her senses. “So you’re Samuel Bowers?” Natalie backed up and pressed herself as closely as possible to the car door. She clearly had her guard up against him. “I don’t even know you. Are you seriously telling me that you kidnapped me just to have a meal together?” Samuel had witnessed all kinds of women throughout his life—distinguished ones, flirtatious ones, gentle ones, and even fragile ones. What they all had in common was the fact that they wanted to get with him. However, the woman in front of him was the only one whose clear eyes were full of caution against him. She was far from a stunner, but he found interest in her clear and logical reasoning. He wanted to get a better look at her, so he bent over and slowly inched his way over. On the other hand, Natalie was frantically backing up until there was nowhere else to run. There was a needle hidden in her hand, which she had behind her back. If he were to get any closer, she would stab him right in the neck. Right when Natalie was about to make her move, he suddenly stopped. His hand made its way over to her back and snatched the needle away from her. “Hey!” she protested. She hadn’t expected him to be so observant. “You’re overthinking this, Ms. Nichols. I’m Sophia Bowers’ father. I’m only inviting you out for a meal as thanks for taking care of my daughter at the airport,” he clarified. Sophia Bowers? Natalie remembered the cute little girl with aphasia from the airport the moment she heard that name. “You don’t have to thank me. Sophia is a cute girl. Anyone would help her out.” Natalie couldn’t help but smile as she thought about Sophia, and her expression softened. “I wonder how she’s been doing. She’s so obedient that I can’t help but dote on her.” Samuel stared at her. She had a plain face, but her shimmering gaze fascinated him. She liked Sophia more than he had initially expected. It wasn’t out of flattery or because she had ulterior motives. Instead, it came from the bottom of her heart. It made Samuel feel a bit delusional. Natalie seems to like Sophia even more than Yara does. At that point in time, the car suddenly made a sharp right turn. The woman instantly lost her balance and crashed into him. Unfortunately, this led to Natalie’s face being buried right in Samuel’s crotch. Billy, who was driving the car, said something through the car’s speaker system. “Apologies, Sir. A truck suddenly switched lanes just now, and I couldn’t hit the brakes in time.” The car’s partition did not lower, and the Hummer continued speeding on the road. However, in the backseat, Natalie and Samuel were in an incredibly ambiguous position.
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