Chapter 16

Samuel’s facial features were flawless as if they were carved out by God himself. Combined with his strong and imposing aura, he was a person that most people would find hard to ignore.

Natalie pursed her lips.

When I met Samuel, I was wearing that hyper-realistic mask and looked completely different from now. Besides, I’m already shielded by my sunglasses, mask, and cap. There’s no way he’ll recognize me, right?

When Samuel’s gaze swept over her, she continued tapping her fingers rhythmically and kept her gaze under the sunglasses steady.

As soon as she retrieved her coffee, she turned to leave the establishment. Alas, the rain had only gotten heavier by the time she got to the door.

With the intention of waiting for the rain to subside, she found an inconspicuous seat in the corner of the cafe and sat down.

It was then her phone began vibrating inside her bag.

Franklin’s haughty yet adorable voice rang out the moment she picked up the call. “Woman, the other time, my daddy got between our time together. He wasn’t really picking on you. In truth, he’s a misogynist. When a woman gets close to him, he becomes very temperamental.”

Natalie was rendered speechless.

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