Chapter 18

Natalie felt as if all of her energy had been sucked out of her body. She could not escape from his clutches and could only tremble in anger in his arms.

Although he had kissed her roughly, he did not do anything else.

When he released his hold on her, her mind was still dizzy from the lack of oxygen, and her eyes were unfocused.

Except for that night six years ago… I’ve never kissed a man before. I was so drunk that night that I don’t even remember whathat man looked like. Yet, this man here simply forced my mouth open and drove his tongue in roughly to take what he wants. He’s driving me utterly crazy!

Natalie only managed to regain her bearings after a long while. A sense of frustration and rage rushed over her upon recalling the kiss. She raised her hand to slap Samuel, but he caught her wrist effortlessly.

“Aren’t you a misogynist?” she asked huffily.

“Should I remind you that you were the one who said that you missed me,” he whispered beside her ear as he leaned in abruptly.

His hot breath fanned against her neck, and her eyes immediately met his penetrating gaze upon turning her head.

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