Chapter 31

Samuel stood firmly in front of her. The black bathrobe he was wearing made him look graceful and wild.

As someone with prominent status, the man’s eyes were always austere and chilly.

Shocked by his abrupt appearance, Natalie looked at him with her mouth agape.

Meeting his intense stare, she could not construct a sentence to explain why she was sneaking around in the corridor at midnight.

Instead of getting up, she hugged her knees tightly like a wary kitten.

“N-None of your business,” she replied.

As soon as she finished her sentence, another deafening thunder sounded, causing her to tremble once more.

The next second, her mind went blank. Out of terror, she grabbed his leg tightly and pressed her face against him.





as he glanced at the

looked at me with such disdain just now, yet she’s clinging to me


as she had just woken up from her sleep. With her warm body clinging tightly onto his

“Let go,” he ordered.

was evident that she had embarrassed herself

was about to let go of her grip, another booming thunder sounded again.


go of his leg, she held on to it tighter than before, as if she was



she was scared stiff, just

he demanded


the third time.”

go even if you repeat the fourth time.” As those painful memories flashed across her mind, she began to babble incoherently, “Please… Don’t

darkness flashed across Samuel’s eyes upon hearing

she had no intentions

was merely treating him like a lifeboat in the dark that


interested in him, she still sparked the fire in him, bringing

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