Chapter 33

It was a long night.

Natalie did not sleep well at all. After washing up, she opened the door and was surprised to see a box at the doorway.

There was a brand new set of clothes and lingerie in it.

The lace trims on the white lingerie made it look pure and sexy.

Judging by the taste in clothes, she believed that Gavin, who was almost sixty, was not the one who picked the clothes.

Could it be… Samuel?

However, she got rid of the thought at once. He’s thinking of exposing me all the time! How would he buy me lingerie?

After going back into her room, she put on the set of clothes. To her surprise, the cutting and size of the clothes suited her well, especially for the lingerie, which fitted her cup size perfectly.

How can it be that accurate?

After going downstairs, she realized that Samuel and the kids were already in the dining room. The housekeepers had prepared a sumptuous breakfast that included bagels, doughnuts, hot chocolate, paninis, muffins, and coffee.


greeted them merrily, “Good morning, Sophia

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she was about to take a bite of it, she exchanged gazes with Samuel, who was

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a bagel too, Mr. Bowers?” She put the bagel onto his plate and smiled. “Since you want my bagel so much,

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after seeing what Natalie had done. Giving her a stern look, he rushed to Samuel’s side and said, “Sir,

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I ask you to take it away?” To everyone’s surprise, Samuel poked the bagel with a fork and had a bite of it.


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