Chapter 36

Isn’t that Natasha?

There was no one worse than Natasha and Yonah.

Seven years ago, Yonah deliberately got close to her so that she would rely on him like he was family.

Subsequently, he lied to her, saying that he had kidney failure and needed an organ donor. Believing his story, she ran to the hospital to undergo a checkup to see if she could donate one of her kidneys to him.

She rushed to his house with the test results. However, seeing him in person, he looked far from ill.

Natasha was present then, wearing a smug expression on her face. She said sarcastically, “Natalie, did you really believe that Yonah needed you to donate a kidney?”

“Aren’t you Yonah’s cousin?”

“Have you seen cousins kiss?”


The two kissed loudly, completely unrestrained, in front of Natalie.

Yonah no longer looked like the gentle big brother that he was to Natalie in the past. He leaned in toward Natasha. “I told you. If youre nice to her, she’ll do anything for you.”

Only then did Natalie find out that Natasha was Yonah’s real fiancée.

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