Chapter 401

Madelyn look

Chapter 401

Madelyn still did not know that Ethan was extremely worried and was looking for her everywhere in Ventropolis.

The first ray of morning light shone in from the window. Street vendors had already started their businesses in the street of the quiet old building. The scent of food could be smelled from a nearby location.

The quietness in the residential area was broken by several luxurious black cars that came and stopped there.

George said, “Ms. Jent stayed here when she left her home. I think she’s probably here now.”

Ethan had not slept the entire night. He desperately got out of the car and tightly frowned as he looked around at the extremely poor housing condition. He thought, ‘How can she stay here?!

This staircase is full of dust. And I can feel that this building is extremely unstable. This kind of housing should already be considered a dangerous building. Yet, there are still people living here.‘

Madelyn came out of the bathroom and dried her hair. She then removed the sofa cover that had been dirtied last night and threw it into a basin for cleaning.

She had a very bad headache. She thought it was probably because she caught a cold yesterday. Whatever happened last night did not bother Madelyn. She fell asleep very quickly yesterday.

When she woke up this morning, her nose was stuffy. Ever since the surgery, Madelyn felt that her body was weaker than before.

Just then, she could hear someone knocking on the door from outside. She did not know who it could be as she opened the door.

Before she could even react to the person outside, he suddenly hugged her tightly. She patted his shoulder as she said, “Ethan, you’re hurting me! Why did you come here?”

Ethan felt lucky and relieved when he saw her. He said, “I’m sorry!”

Madelyn did not understand what he meant. When she saw Leyton and George, who came with Ethan, she thought, ‘Did they really have to come with him?!‘

Ethan only let go of her after a while.

of them sat on it. Madelyn poured Ethan a cup of boiled water and placed it on the coffee table in front of him. She then sat down in front

I sent you a text message. Did

frowned slightly. He did not have the habit of clearing his messages. Ever since he got together with Madelyn, he has received many texts and calls. But he did not receive

know how to explain it to her. He did

“Mr. Arnold dropped his phone last night. So, maybe he missed your text messages because of that. But later, when

to cause trouble

sorry for making you worry… I didn’t think I’d make you worry for the whole night. I’m fine now. You should go back

on the table

her phone and said, “I’ll take this call on the balcony.”

know what to say to him. In the end, she simply said, “Pack up your things.

She found her room relatively clean, with no

thinking much, she locked the door, dropped her backpack, and, without even changing her clothes, she lay on the bed under a

Kayla seemed to have an argument. Madelyn had a headache and didn’t want to get involved. She tried hard not to dwell on it. After a while, she fell into a restless

o’clock in the early morning, the sound of brakes shattered the silence of the night, and Ethan got out of the car. He saw that the living room lights in the

hallway. A servant noticed him and

“She didn’t come back?” Suddenly, his heart sank

be coming back today, that she would

missed calls or unread messages. He repeatedly dialed Madelyn’s number, but it wouldn’t go through.

began to emanate from him. “Way didn’t you ask her in the first place? If something happens to her, every single one of you will be fired!

servant replied, taken aback by the severity of Ethan’s anger.

him trouble, seemed to act up again. He sat down on the couch, holding his head in his hands,

various nightlife spots

Leyton poured a cup of hot water and placed it in front of Ethan. “We still haven’t been able to reach the Jent family, but we’ve sent someone over

he spoke, Leyton received a message from the bodyguards. He hesitated, not sure how to break the

“Did you

but Miss Jent

this news, Ethan felt a pang of self–blame. “Should I have not met Donna? Maybe Madelyn wouldn’t have gone missing like this! Did Donna

shook his head. “I’m not certain. Miss Jent is usually quite deliberate in her actions. Besides, she’s been aware

“When did she find

to Miss Jent, but he didn’t go into much detail. While Miss Jent may not know everything about your history with Miss Jolie, if she did find out, she’d

it would make

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