Chapter 1616

At that moment, Leia came out because the nurse had finished treating her wounds. "It's okay, doctor." She dramatically wiped her tears and sobbed." I don't want to blow this out of proportion. It's fine as long as he sincerely apologizes... This is just my fate." "What's the use of the law if saying sorry was enough? He's so violent, Miss ... he could have killed you! You can't be soft-hearted towards him." The doctor urged Leia earnestly, "I've seen many cases like this. The wives kept forgiving their husbands, and the price they had to pay was their husbands beating them to death. You're lucky that you survived today, but it doesn't mean that you'll always be this lucky. Listen to me-you have to call the cops." "I'll call the cops. Didn't you give me a medical report? I'll call the cops if I can't reason with him," Leia said and glanced at Xavier meaningfully. If that report could help escalate the case to attempted murder, Shirley would be involved if Leia called the police. Not only would Shirley's career get ruined, but she might also be imprisoned.

"But is this safe?" The doctor glanced at Xavier and said worriedly, "Your husband is quite handsome, and usually such men are more violent than others. He might use worse methods next time!" "Doctor, I think you've been watching too many horror movies. What could I possibly do to her?" Xavier snapped, frustrated by the doctor's constant accusations and Leia's threats.

The doctor backed down slightly, but she still wanted to

the doctor hesitantly, showing her a video on her phone. "Dr. Crawford, I think we've got

it showed Shirley's fans beating Leia up and humiliating her. It was more than ten minutes long, and the abuse

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