Chapter 1396 Gilbert and Marigold (71)

Gilbert and Lottie’s engagement party was held at Bardoff Grand Hotel on Saturday.

A ton of people showed up to their engagement party.

After all, the Bradshaws and the Silveras were pretty big names in Bardoff City, and plenty of the other families knew of their true wealth.

They all came to attend the party.

Jenny and Alec had both received invites.

Jenny was Gilbert’s sister, and on top of that, they represented the Walters and the Fausts.It was to be expected.

At first, Jenny didn’t want to go.The party held no meaning to it.It was just a show put on for Esther.It would be a complete waste of her time.

it by Alec.It would be weird if

found Jenny and was

Marigold? Why is he engaged to Lottie?” Jenny

bad at keeping up.” Gilbert had been courting Lottie for a while now.If Zack paid attention to even a little bit of what his brother was up

embarrassed and rubbed

with Janet, and we received

keep on being

Zack had been involved, Gilbert’s plan

even treating me

enough, Zack.Just don’t worry over

if you find anything out, do not get yourself

plans.Zack didn’t want to press on anymore

and never telling me anything.”Jenny was speechless.Were they really keeping things to themselves? It was because they didn’t think Zack was dependable.Telling him would only be bad news.On top of that, they knew that Zack was naive.Oftentimes, they just didn’t want him to plunge into danger with them.As they spoke, the party had already begun.Gilbert and Lottie stood together.They actually looked rea ly good together.However, Jenny could tell that Gilbert was not interested in Lottie.Although he looked at Lottie, his gaze was mostly

for attending my son, Gilbert Hawthorne’s engagement party.Besides the engagement, I have something else to announce.Something big.From today onwards, my son will be the vice president of Bradshaw Operations.Please be goad to him

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