Chapter 1138 Who Did It

After Peart was seated and the car drove away, she was ready to go to the company

She glanced at the time I was shendy right o’clock. Fortunately, she was the one who owned the studio herself, as it was fine to be late

Jussia was abent to take the subway. When she thought of the one million finally returned, she felt much better.

Previously, she forced hervell to stay away from Leonard because of the one million

Now that she had paid it back, she no longer had the burden. Besides, she really wanted to give it a try and have a romantic relationship with

don’t want to think about the future. I’m following my feelings”

When she was heading to the subway station, Mrs. Johnson called her.

“Jessica, I’ll send you.”

Jessica turned and glanced at her, she smiled faintly.

“There’s no need. I’ll take the subway.”

After saying that, she was about to leave. She was afraid that Mrs. Johnson would give her the card again or say something to make her leave


She also understood that it was hard to be happy without being blessed.

she wanted was to

Jessica leave, Mrs.

at the luxury watch on her wrist and walked to the side of her car. Her assistant

have a meeting at ten. We have to go over

one kid, Mrs. Johnson. Benjamin was not feeling

so he agreed to take over

into the car, Mrs. Johnson gave Leonard a call.

phone kept ringing. He reached out and


deep and he sounded like he hadn’t

care of the company first. But

company starting tomorrow.”

Johnson was very capable, she was capable of managing a company.

1138 Who Did

she wanted her son to take


Jessica arrived at the studio, it was exactly eight forty. Their working hours were 9 o’clock, and she, the boss, was

the time she entered the elevator, a few of her employees had just entered the

Jessica, good

nodded slightly, “Good morning!”

everyone was discussing what breakfast they had this

open the door with the keys, she realized

thief she

walked inside and found that it was smashed. All of the computers were broken. The tables,

customers‘ belongings were all flipped out. They were all

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