Chapter 415

After hanging up the phone with Rose, Frank gave Grace a call and told her everything that happened.

However, he withheld the fact that Edward used to like Natalie from her.

From Frank’s tone, Grace guessed that he had already investigated everything. Since she had promised not to interfere with Rose’s relationship, she had to keep her word. After some discussion, both of them agreed to behave as usual and to pretend not to know anything about it.

Grace instructed Frank to keep an eye on Rose and not let anyone bully her.

William listened quietly to the conversation by the side. He finally understood what had happened. Earlier in the day, he had told the Turner family people that Rose did not have to get married. He was happy to support her for a lifetime. What he did not expect was for Rose to get into a relationship.

Now he had to cat his words.

Grace noticed William’s puzzled look but merely opened a document and started working. She asked nonchalantly, “Rose is dating someone secretly. You’d better pretend you don’t know anything

“That boyfriend of hers appeared out of nowhere. Isn’t he from the Landor family? Haven’t we met him before”

Indignant that Rose had been taken away. William regarded Edward with hostility. He used to have a good impression of Edward, but now he realized that Edward was not as nice as he thought.

Although he was very unhappy, there was nowhere for him to voice his displeasure.

Grace said calmly, “Well, Rose likes him. There’s nothing you can do. It’s no use getting angry. You sound so convincing when you are persuading others, yet now you can’t control your emotions.”

William felt saddened and hurt by the news.

At William’s persistent questioning, Grace had to tell him everything that Frank had told her. Both William and Grace now knew how Edward tried to get close to Rose and how she fell for him.

As expected, the Roberts family was most concerned about outward appearance.

Meanwhile, after hanging up the phone, he noticed that Ava was still fixated on their throats. She touched her neck and then proceeded to touch his throat to make a comparison. She seemed to be tickled by that.

Her eyes were clear and unclouded. She was busy examining their throats with a curious yet serious expression.

Frank felt uneasy. When Ava’s hand touched his throat, he sensed that she was teasing him unconsciously. He stared at a fixated Ava and asked. ‘Is it that fun?”

“Well, now I know why everyone describes one’s throat as sexy. That’s because it’s really sexy”

“Baby Ava, do you know what you’re doing?” Frank’s voice sounded hoarse.

Ava was so naive that she did not sense any impending danger. She continued to touch both their necks, still trying to figure out the difference between the two. She tilted her head in an adorable manner and examined them. “Look at my neck. It feels so smooth. Touch here…

Just then, Ava’s lips were sealed with a kiss. Frank stopped her from talking. Initially, she was bewildered. Slowly, she closed

her eyes.

Ava raised her head, eager to accept the love and desire from the kiss. Frank was like a vampire who could suck a girl’s vitality dry to replenish his energy.

The more he kissed her, the more excited and hungry he became.

Soon after, their pajamas were tangled up together. Their cheeks were tinged with a faint blush, and they were panting heavily. Frank asked in a hoarse voice, “Should we turn off the lights?”

“Yeah” Ava nodded, burying herself in his chest, clinging to him like a koala. Frank got up to turn off the light.

In an instant, the room was pitch dark. They could only see each other’s faces from the faint light outside the window. Feeling ravenous like a hungry wolf, Frank said in a sultry voice, “Baby Ava, let’s have a revision.”

“Oh, slow down. I’m afraid I won’t be able to catch up with you.

keep up with me!

essence of happiness, as though joy was overflowing


Chapter 415

a lifeless Ava into the bathroom. Half an hour later, he carried

the act of passion, but she was exhausted after every session and did not feel like moving. All she wanted to

darkness. She seemed completely depleted

if Ava understood what he meant.

he had fixed another session for

loud. He brushed the hair on her face to the back and hugged her to sleep.

slept really well

Ava, wake up. You’re going to be

time to wake up, get dressed, and eat her breakfast before

sleep for a while more. Ava was still feeling exhausted. It was as though she had taken part in a

and had tired her out. He coaxed patiently, “Be a good girl. Sit up. I’ll help you put on

his lap. He helped Ava change into the dress she had prepared earlier. Ava

more awake. However, she was still very tired and did not want to move. She leaned against Frank’s body while he tied her hair before carrying her to

saw that her hair had already been tied into a ponytail, she rubbed her eyes. Frank was standing on one side, guilt-stricken. “Sorry, I’ll be

would not touch her

squeezed out and a glass of

was rendered speechless.

into a smile. He took a towel, wrung it dry, and waited

had no idea that her whole family already knew that she was dating Edward. As

hospital, he saw Rose getting into Edward’s

grown accustomed to the process. He knew

the car stopped at Athana Hospital.

keep their relationship under wraps, Edward parked in a parking lot a little further away from the outpatient

them were saying their goodbyes in the car. Edward thought about what happened the night

dismissively. “No, I

did not know whether to be happy or sad. “Grace? Is that

names at home. Don’t you think the atmosphere in our home is very

close-knit her family was. Grace was like her mother as well as her elder

good. We still have eight minutes.” Rose had been waking up 10 minutes earlier recendy. A smart

believed that she managed to hoodwink



Chapter 415

Frank did not tell Grace about it, she would have detected that something

one minute to walk to

for words. Rose’s choice of words was



sideways at Edward.

want you to continue to


be saying that to himself. It was rare for someone to be so happy-go-lucky, and he did not want her to

display screen in the car. She waved her hand and wrapped her arms around Edward’s neck, pulling him closer. She planted a kiss on his lips.

her body gave her away. Iler ears were red. It was a

move, but she did not do anything wrong. When their eyes met, she had the urge to kiss Edward Hence, she

grabbed her head and kissed her again. However, good times did not last long.

The person knocked incessantly at the car

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