Chapter 3181 Not Used To Inconveniencing others

Tommy rolled his eyes, unfazed by Simon's words. "If my dad finds out you bullied my sister, he'll beat you up."

"Mr. Crawford wouldn't do that." Simon knew what kind of person Luke was. He might spank Lanie and Tommy, but he would never hit him.

However, if this escalated, his dad would definitely punish him.

Simon looked at the little girl next to Rainie and said, "Teri, I'll give you some candy if you switch seats with me, okay?"

"No way." Teri shook her head. "You're just going to bully Rainie. I'm not switching seats with you!"

"You little brat!" Simon was frustrated. He had not tugged on Rainie's hair in a long time, and he could not help himself today.

After all, Rainie was such a cute little girl, and he just wanted her to notice him more. That was why he could not help himself...

Who knew he would end up annoying Rainie?

Lanie looked at Simon with a serious expression on his face. "Are we still playing or not?"

"Of course, we're playing! Just watch me beat you!" Simon rolled up his sleeves, ready to compete.

Lanie could not be bothered. Simon's intelligence was about the same as his, but their personalities were quite different.

Simon loved to play and joke around, which was completely different from him.

The kids kept playing until the adults finished their gathering and called it a night.

Simon naturally followed Jim out.

Kari and Teri left with Jason and Sue.

had nothing much to do. She checked the time and urged the three kids, "It's

first and then go upstairs," replied the kids. They

and said to Luca, "Ms. Craw, I'm

for your hard work tonight. Did you take the food I prepared for you?" Luca had specifically grilled some

her canvas bag, where the food was stored. She smiled and replied, "I did. Thank you.

your way home." Luca nodded and helped the kids clean

everything was tidied, the kids went upstairs to rest, and Luca followed

Luke came in

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also washed up and changed into pajamas. He leaned

it was worth it since everyone had a great time." Luca rested

was happy that everyone was satisfied with the food and the

a lot of comfort. Nina and the others had helped to clean up, which saved her a


the Island of Despair while you guys were drinking?"

They did not raise or lower their voices deliberately, and considering the distance

ears. "Almost everyone from the Island of Despair has had Shanks' dry

into their conversation, so

However, Luca heard them.

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dollars to hire someone better, it wouldn't matter. Those people wouldn't dare make a big move in A City," said

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Abaza family think that their country

message that money could not buy free passes in A City. This was a country that upheld the


getting late. Should we

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